Osmel Sousa gives new details of his contract with the Miss Universe organization – El Diario NY

Osmel Sousa gives new details of his contract with the Miss Universe organization – El Diario NY

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Osmel Sousaalso known as the ‘Beauty Czar’, was hired by the Miss Universe organization and has recently revealed details of his role within the most important beauty pageant.

In an interview with the Venezuelan journalist Luis Olavarrieta, for the radio station Onda La Superestación, the Cuban commented: “I was also very surprised when the owner of the contest gave it, although we had been talking about it for months, but it had not come to fruition. nothing”.

The misses expert indicated that they have already started working and that he is happy with the appointment he received.

About the position they gave him, Osmel Sousa explained that he knows little about it. “What they want is for me to be with the organization, I imagine supervising something, because now we have to have other meetings to finalize something.”

He announced that he will be traveling between the Caribbean country and Mexico, because it was something he agreed to with his contract. “I don’t like leaving Venezuela at all.”

He responded to comments that Venezuela was not going to win from now on because he is within the organization: “I am not one of those people who retaliates, I do not hate anyone nor do I have anything to do with anyone, everyone should do what they want.” yours”.

He made this statement due to the way he left Miss Venezuela, which for many would now mean a reason for revenge against the national organization.

Osmel Sousa stressed that he will have nothing to do with franchises and believes that he will not have preferences with any country.

“I’m not going to do any harm, although if I can help a little with something, it will happen,” he commented.

The talented queen maker also reacted to Ileana Márquez, the model who will represent Venezuela in this year’s edition in Mexico.

“I had her in my contest and she is a good candidate,” he said to explain that he likes her life story because she is a mother.

After this, he explained: “Now she is much better, I don’t see her as a bad candidate, she is an excellent candidate.”

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