Pati Chapoy and family of Daniel Bisogno from PLEITO in hospital where the driver is hospitalized

Pati Chapoy and family of Daniel Bisogno from PLEITO in hospital where the driver is hospitalized



A few days after Pati Chapoy make known the delicate health condition which he finds himself going through again Daniel Bisognothe leader of TV Azteca shows had a severe confrontation with the family of the also comedianthat took place on the outskirts of hospital where he is torn between life and death, and this is what is known so far about this difference.

It is important to mention that it was this third week of February when the presenter of Windowing announced that the theater actor was back in the hospitall for complications in the lungs after it acquired a bacteria, so it was said that it was even found intubated I induced him to be calm throughout his recovery.

What is a fact is that the Daniel Bisogno’s health status At 50 years old, she is increasingly delicate, since since last year 2023, she has entered and left hospitals on more than one occasion, so the rumors through the social networks have not been long in coming, because according to unofficial and unconfirmed statements, the star of the show program would be experiencing complications AIDS.

However, their disease It is not what attracts attention at this moment, because rather it is his boss, Pati Chapoy which is mentioned through social networks, since according to the latest reports, the journalist had a strong confrontation with his great friend’s family on the outskirts of hospital where he is hospitalized and after several days in intensive care, and this is what is known so far.

Why did Paty Chapoy and Daniel Bisogno’s family fight?

According to the official channeland YouTube of Alex Kaffie, ‘Without Markets‘, where he announced that the driver had a serious problem with the actor’s family, and this is because even though at first they had good communication regarding the state of Daniel’s health, shortly afterward she assured that they were hiding information, reasons why he decided to go directly to the hospital.

According to the stories of the controversial show hostPati Chapoy faced the family of his friend after they did not want to tell him anything about his internment, because after the difficult moment they are going through, the loved ones of Daniel Bisogno They want to keep everything a little more private, since apparently they are not at all happy that she is reporting everything through the screens of ‘Windowing’since different versions of his have been generated on social networks health condition.

Alex Kaffie He assures that until now it is not known under what terms they were Patty and the Daniel’s family, Well, apparently his state of health remains critical and he is waiting for news by their loved ones.


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