Paul Stanley reacts to the series about the murder of his father Paco Stanley – El Diario NY

Paul Stanley reacts to the series about the murder of his father Paco Stanley – El Diario NY

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Not only Paola Durante is outraged by the new series of Who Killed Him?, which will address the last days of Paco Stanley’s life and which premieres on May 24 on Prime Video. Paul Stanley, son of the deceased driver, also disagrees with her.

We were not happy with the scripts they sent us, they overlooked us and did it“, he asserted.

The host of the ‘Hoy’ program added that he and his family are going to wait for the series to premiere to decide if they will take legal action.

“Everyone has their point of view. Let’s wait and see what it is about. Talking about someone who has already passed away is very easy. As a family, it is a very difficult issue,” she added.

Last year, Paul revealed, during the broadcast of the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’, that he was 14 years old when his father’s murder occurred, something that plunged him into depression.

“I had to act strong for my mother (Mónica Durruti) and everything, but at the same time I was afraid of going out into the street and not coming back.“, he commented to his partner Raquel Bigorra during his confinement.

Since the series was announced, Paul had shown rejection of the project that would be focused on “exploiting morbidity.”

“They approached us from the production company that made the Luis Miguel series and we did not agree on many things that they wanted to tell in their own way, well yes, tell things in their fictional world. Before everything and after everything there is the image of my father,” he commented to the media in January.

He was also aware that they couldn’t stop him, but that by using his dad’s name, they could get into trouble.

In the series, the actor Robert Duarte gives life to Paco Stanley, who revealed in an interview with Gente that he worked with director Humberto Hinojosa to build each role according to his reality, based on reliable documentation in the public domain.

They also act Belinda (Paola Durante), Luis Gerardo Mendez (Mario Bezares), Javier Ramirez “El Cha” (Beto Castillo) and Diego Boneta (Jorge Gil).

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