Photos of Anne Hathaway several years apart that show “she doesn’t age” – El Diario NY

Photos of Anne Hathaway several years apart that show “she doesn’t age” – El Diario NY


The actress Anne Hathaway became a trend again and captured attention on social networks due to some photos where it is seen that the passage of time it is not reflected in her.

Through X (formerly Twitter), a before and after photo of the performer went viral. In the first, she can be seen in her role as Andrea Sachs, Miranda Priestly’s (Meryl Streep) assistant, in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”, which she made in 2006. Next, a comparison was made with an outfit and very similar hair, which was taken in 2023, which served to demonstrate that “he does not age” and at 41 years old It looks almost identical to how it looked 17 years ago..

As expected, the publication did not take long to go viral on social networks, mainly on X, where users left all kinds of comments about it, most of them surprised by the fact that the passage of time does not show.

“There is no actress more beautiful and talented than Anne Hathaway, like good wine,” “He made a pact with the devil. I have no proof, but I have no doubts either”, “It seems that only half an hour passed between the photos hahaha”, “The trick is at 20 to look like 30 and at 40 to look like 30”, “It’s the same“, “Possibly good exercise and good exercise have been favorable for maintaining healthy skin”, “If there are slight changes in the one from 2006 she looks very young, in the other her expression is happier, her eyes have a different shine, “It looks spectacular,” were some of the most repeated reactions in the post.

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