Prince William builds SHELTER for Kate Middleton after being diagnosed with CANCER

Prince William builds SHELTER for Kate Middleton after being diagnosed with CANCER


The British royal family is going through one of the most difficult times at present, as let us remember that two of its members are in very poor health after having been diagnosed with canceras he King Charles III and Kate Middleton suffer from this and monarchy has had to change some of their plays in terms of the actual tasks and roles each of them play within, while they recover.

That is why a series of changes have begun to be implemented since the illness of both became known, for example, the prince william Not only is he helping to cover some of the tasks that correspond to his father, but he is also looking to make some modifications to one of his residences for the greater comfort of the Princess of Wales and her stay there.

The property that Princess Diana’s son wants to renovate is the Anmer Hall mansion, which he wants to become a kind of “refuge” so that Middleton is much more comfortable now that she is in the middle of treatment to combat cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy to recover.

“Prince William wants to renovate his house in Anmer Hall so that Kate Middleton can live there during her treatment,” said Ok! Magazine.


The reason they decided to move to Anmer Hall

The main reason why they search move to Anmer Hall is that it has much larger spaces and in it they could be connected with nature: “They are completely in love with Adelaide Cottage, but only their family lives there, there are no rooms for domestic staff or for anything other than living , dining room, kitchen and its bedrooms. On the other hand, Anmer Hall is much larger and has large gardens.

Some of the changes that the Prince of Wales wants to do is create an annex, although it is important to note that these arrangements have not yet begun because the costs are quite high, since they do not know how the British community could take it as it is an extra expense.


This is a country mansion located on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which would have been a wedding gift to the Welsh from the Queen isabel II. It was built in 1802 in a Gregorian style, it has 10 rooms, and a few years ago it was remodeled by the princes in which they spent about 1.7 million euros and built a kitchen and greenhouse, among other things.

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