Racism once again in football: Player hit and kicked a rival after receiving racial attacks – La Opinion

Racism once again in football: Player hit and kicked a rival after receiving racial attacks – La Opinion


Last January, on the 20th of January, the goalkeeper of Milan in Italy from Serie A, Mike Maignan was the figure that was on everyone’s lips and on the covers of the sports media after having left the Bluenergy Stadium playing field in the middle of a match between Milan and Unidese where the latter’s fans shouted racist insults from the stands against the goalkeeper.

This episode provoked measures to deal with this type of situations and avoid them as much as possible.which are far from being something only from Italy’s Serie A.

Racism came to Cyprus and also physically

The situation took place once again after the AEL Limassol defender, Luiyi De Lucashit the Apollon Limassol midfielder, Eliel Peretz, in the face, about the end of the match with Apollon’s victory with a score of 3 goals to 1 in a match that took place last Wednesday, February 21 in what was the second round of the Cyprus Cup final.

What is most striking about this particular case occurred in the last few hours due to the accusation made by De Lucas in a publication that he made through his social networks about what happened from his point of view: “I was subjected to constant repetitive insults of a deeply racist and personal nature.”

The match came to an end in regular time after Mathieu Valbuena and Pedro Marques managed to put the home team ahead at 41 and 90 minutes of play.. At the 94th minute of the match, Georgi Minchev managed to score for the visiting team and Marques reappeared a few seconds later to seal the score.

The elimination of the finalist from the last edition seemed to be closed with the referee’s final whistle, but to the surprise of all the players and practically those present at the sports venue, the player from the Dominican Republic approached Peretz, hitting him hard in the face.

Immediately afterwards, he kicked his rival, who, stunned by the blow, tried to leave the scene and take shelter.although he returned when the players from both casts made an appearance to try to calm the waters with the aim of throwing some words in the midst of the heat of the situation.

De Lucas decided to talk about what happened

“My mind was clouded by the unacceptable and unprofessional behavior of the opposing player from the moment the game started,” explained Luiyi De Lucas on his official Instagram account in a publication of photos accompanied by the phrase “No to racism.”

“In my professional career I have not experienced this level of verbal racism on the field, the frustration and humiliation I was experiencing clouded my judgment and my mind.”. “My reaction was an extremely poor attempt to stop what was happening to me.” “I have already filed a complaint with the Cypriot police with the help of my lawyer and I have already started the process of reporting the racist behavior against me before the competent authorities of the CUP, UEFA and FIFA,” said the player.

On an individual level, Luiyi De Lucas, 29, represented the Dominican Republic national team nine times, recently playing in the Nations League of Concacaf in the 2023 edition. He had a career where he played in minor clubs in Spain and his country of origin until finally reaching the ranks of Haka of Finland, Livingston of Scotland and AEL of Cyprus, where he arrived in 2024.

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