Rafael Araneda talks about his role as an adoptive father: “He arrived unexpectedly” – El Diario NY

Rafael Araneda talks about his role as an adoptive father: “He arrived unexpectedly” – El Diario NY

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Rafael Araneda shared that adopting Benjamín was a transformative experience for him and his wife. Although at first they had doubts and fears about whether they would be good adoptive parents, they soon discovered that the little one came into their lives to fill them with love and happiness.

The television presenter expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of Benjamín’s life and to be able to give him a home full of love and understanding. In addition, he highlighted the importance of promoting adoption as a way to provide a home to children in need.

Never (it was in my plans to adopt). She arrived unexpectedly. My daughter Florencia had to go to a home for abandoned children that I knew. And we went and I stayed talking with the nuns because I knew them, I had been there on other occasions, I had helped them, but nothing had ever happened to me about connecting with a child. And I was there and my wife (she calls me) goes there and tells me ‘look at all those cribs, walk inside,’” she began by saying in the ‘Desiguales’ space.

The television host also mentioned that adopting Benjamin has taught him important lessons about parenting and the value of raising a child with love and respect. He is proud of his son and the family they have started together, and hopes his story inspires other families to consider adoption as an option to expand their home.

“I enter a long hallway full of little cribs, little children, babies, and I get almost to the bottom and I see this wonderful thing with giant eyes, a smile, it throws itself into my arms, I hug it and I felt electricity, I felt a burst of energy.” that I had never felt it. I turn around and Marcela tells me ‘the same thing happened to me’. And we were amazed. That’s the truth. We fell in love. He came to meet us in our lives. He chose us“said the Chilean in front of the Univision cameras.

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