Raúl Araiza opened up and told the reason why he ended his romantic relationship – El Diario NY

Raúl Araiza opened up and told the reason why he ended his romantic relationship – El Diario NY

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According to Raúl Araiza, the breakup with Katalina García occurred amicably and on good terms. They both came to the conclusion that they had different visions about the future of the relationship and that it was better to separate to avoid conflicts. The presenter also mentioned that he will keep good memories of her ex-girlfriend and wished him the best on her path.

The processes are difficult, but here it was neither for her nor for me. There has always been a lot of love, but life circumstances are different. I started a series and I didn’t have a minute, and relationships require time and details, especially being there,” she said in front of the media.

Despite the sadness that a breakup can bring, Raúl was optimistic about the future and assured that he is focused on moving forward and enjoying his life. He thanked his followers and friends for their support during this difficult time and assured that he will continue working on professional projects that keep him busy and happy.

“I have nothing but to be grateful to Katalina because she was a very important woman in my life. I will always love her. She is a person who sometimes you meet at the wrong time and it hurts more,” she added during the interrogation.

Araiza highlighted the importance of communication and respect in a relationship, and stressed that it is better to be honest and sincere about your feelings than to maintain a relationship that is not going anywhere. Although separation may be painful, it is important to make decisions that allow us to grow and be happy.

The positive side is that I lacked time for myself, to do what I want, instead of putting pressure on myself and making myself look bad. But love is also letting go and saying: ‘I’m not going to waste your time.’ I think I have to be alone for a while as much as I can. I don’t need a partner, I love being alone,” she mentioned in front of the press.

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