Rauw Alejandro puts the mansion he bought for Rosalía as a wedding gift for sale – El Diario NY

Rauw Alejandro puts the mansion he bought for Rosalía as a wedding gift for sale – El Diario NY

Although the relationship between Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro ended a little less than a year ago, it was the Puerto Rican singer who put the “final point” to the highly controversial romance by putting up for sale the last link that “united” the celebrities: the house that Rauw He bought it from the Spanish woman as a wedding gift.

According to the media outlet Regió 7, the Latin interpreter decided to “get rid” of the mansion that he acquired in February 2022, for just over $2 million dollars, in the town of Manresa, in BarcelonaSpain.

It is worth mentioning that the residence of which Rauw Alejandro wants to “get rid”, it consists of a modernist house built in 1905 and which is considered a Cultural Asset of Local Interest.

Facade of Rauw Alejandro's house.
Rauw Alejandro bought the house at the beginning of 2022.
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The house that Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro did not live in

As revealed by the Spanish media, Rauw Alejandro He acquired the home through the Habitaclia portal, which is designed for the purchase and sale of real estate. It is worth mentioning that this property, considered a “jewel of Manresa modernism”, belonged to the owners of the footwear chain known as Torra de Manresa.

The property, also known as the Morera farmhouse, has more than 2,600 habitable square meters, which are distributed across 10 rooms and more than 30 hectares of land. It is important to mention that the building was carried out by the architect Ignasi Oms i Ponsa.

Rosalía posing on a red carpet.

After its purchase, and thanks to its spectacular façade as well as its unbeatable views of the Montserrat area, it was revealed that Rauw He decided to fence it in order to preserve its privacy.

After this action, it was spread that the Puerto Rican gave the mansion to the “Motomami” singer when he proposed to her in March of last year. However, and after the couple broke off their engagement just a few months later, following rumors of infidelity on the part of the singer, the house was left in “limbo” because she still had the name Rauw as owner.

So far, the price that the Latin singer has asked for the property has not been revealed.

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