Ricky Martin returns to acting and stars in the series “Palm Royale” – El Diario NY

Ricky Martin returns to acting and stars in the series “Palm Royale” – El Diario NY


The singer Ricky Martin is back in acting and on American television, with Hollywood “royalty.”

The Puerto Rican star stars in the period series “Palm Royale”created by Abe Sylvia, which will air on March 20 on the Apple TV+ platform, which had its premiere yesterday at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, with part of the cast of the series, such as Carol Burnett, Kirsten Wiig, Josh Lucas, Allison Janney and Laura Dern.

“I am delighted to be in this series because I had the opportunity to be part of a wonderful story and surrounded by a spectacular cast of Oscar winners,” Ricky said in an interview.

“Men and women who grabbed my hand and told me: ‘Let’s enter the world of comedy, let’s have a good time’“I feel like a lucky man.”

Ricky arrived accompanied by his twin sons, Matteo and Valentino, 15 years old, who skipped the red carpet and entered the theater to let the singer mingle with the guests and attend interviews.

For the singer, “Palm Royale”, based on the novel “Mr. and Mrs. American Pie”, by Juliet McDaniel, is his return to television after his work in the series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”.

Also at the beginning of his career in the United States, the star acted in the series “General Hospital” and “Glee.”

In “Palm Royale” he is Robert, who works at an exclusive high society club in Palm Beach in the 1960s.

His character is common thread of the storybecause he gets along very well with all the women in the club and knows their secrets.

“Robert is a guy with a lot of insecurities who appears to be very strong, but I would tell you that he is very shy at the same time,” said Ricky, “he has a very dark history, he is rejected by many people he loves, that’s why he wants to take care of everyone and he also needs to be taken care of.”

And he added that giving life to this character was like therapy.

“Because there are many emotions to confront when playing a character like this, combining it with comedy. I think that liberation that I have felt in many waystelling a story like this, was fascinating,” he shared.

Lucas stressed that Martin is a great talent.

“He is a special man who inspires with his work, he is a wonderful person who not only sings, but dances and acts very well, for us It was a privilege to have him in the series“Lucas expressed.

Jason Canela agreed with his partner about Ricky’s work in the production.

“Ricky is my brother, what talent this man has, he has been showing it for decades. You can’t imagine what’s coming for Ricky with this series,” said Canela.

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