Robinson Canó arrived in Mexico to play with the Red Devils of the LMB – La Opinion

Robinson Canó arrived in Mexico to play with the Red Devils of the LMB – La Opinion

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The Dominican Republic-born player, Robinson Canó, finally made his way to Mexico to join immediately to the Red Devils, a team from the Mexican Baseball League to participate in the 2024 season. The veteran player had no previous experience in any championship outside of the Major Leagues and this will be the first in the Aztec country.

Extensive experience in the Major Leagues

Canó has extensive experience in Major League Baseball where he showed off his great qualities offensive and defensive in 17 seasons where he defended the colors of a total of 6 organizations such as the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres and his last team the Atlanta Braves.

For Canó, being able to play in Mexico is an opportunity to compete again at a high level and to demonstrate that he can continue to be an important player and a reference for the organization in which he is playing and the league in which he is competing.

Canó and his problems with prohibited substances

The Dominican player has had to move forward with his career even though he had to overcome multiple problems and pay for mistakes he made, such as violating the rules of Major League Baseball’s policy on the non-use of prohibited substances, something Canó did on a couple of occasions.

This had a very expensive consequence since the brand new Caribbean player He had to pay with a suspension of a full season with the New York Mets in the 2021 campaign and a total of 80 games when he defended the colors of the Seattle Mariners.

Although in the 2023 season he was not seen settled and with an unstable future in the Major LeaguesRobinson remained active playing with the Estrellas Orientales in the Dominican Professional Baseball League, with whom he has proven to continue playing at a high level and that is precisely why he earned the invitations to form the selected team for the Caribbean Series and the World Classic. of baseball.

A new beginning with goals and motivation

Refusing to let comments where you say your best time is already in the pastRobinson Canó decided to head to Mexico’s professional league with the Red Devils team, something that keeps fans throughout the country very excited and gives the league an important boost in advertising and marketing.

The Dominican arrived in the Central American nation last Wednesday with a view to reporting to training as soon as possible, and the reception was something unique and important for Canó who was very pleased with it.

Dominican numbers in the Major Leagues

Canó records great offensive numbers for his life in the Major Leagues of .301/.488/.839, with a total of 335 home runs, 572 doubles, 2,639 hits and 1,306 RBIs over 2,267 games in 17 seasons. As well as times elected to the All-Star game, winner of 2 gold gloves, he obtained a total of 5 silver bats, winner of a World Series and a gold glove.

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