Rosalía would be directing her new album towards rock – El Diario NY

Rosalía would be directing her new album towards rock – El Diario NY

After the overwhelming success of “Motomami”, Rosalia She seems willing to renew herself musically and venture into a genre somewhat removed from her roots through her next album: rock.

And although the details of the Spanish singer’s new album are still scarce, the singer’s recent publication of “Bizcochito” has generated a large number of speculations due to the presence of Dylan Patrice Wigginsone of the members of his production team, next to a guitar.

However, and although it seems like a tiny detail, a publication made by the same Dylan Patrice Wiggins Expectations have increased about Rosalía’s foray into the rock genre for her next album.

Rosalía reinvents herself

In the publication in question, made by Patrice Wigginsan image of the guitarist also appears while playing the instrument in what appears to be a recording studio. In the photograph you can also see Rosaliawho looks attentively at Patrice Wiggins.

It is worth mentioning that in the post, the image is accompanied, in the background, by what would presumably be the riff he plays Patrice Wiggins. Given this, a large number of users and followers of the Spanish woman could not help but get excited when mentioning that Rosalia will include rock in his next album.

Until now, and after the recent publication, it is not known exactly if the Spaniard will base all her material on this genre or only include it on a specific topic.

Rosalía posing on a red carpet.

Rosalía and Beyoncé together?

After the revelation of the tracklist of the superstar’s new album Beyoncecalled “Cowboy Carter”, which will be released on March 29, a large number of users on various social networks have speculated about the possible collaboration between Rosalia and the famous American singer.

The series of rumors arise as a result of one of the songs on the album Beyoncecalled “Flamenco”, which, according to various followers of both singers, is a clear reference to the genre that best represents the Spanish career: flamenco.

Although until now the possible collaboration between Beyonce and Rosalia It is mere speculation, it is worth mentioning that it would not be the first time that the “Despechá” singer collaborates with great artists. In recent days, the Spanish woman’s name appeared as the author of the singer’s next album Yes. Likewise, at the end of 2023, Rosalía joined her voice with that of the legendary Icelandic artist Björk in the song “Oral”.

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