Santiago Giménez’s father recognizes the approaches of great teams in Europe – La Opinion

Santiago Giménez’s father recognizes the approaches of great teams in Europe – La Opinion

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Santiago Gimenez He is one of the forwards with the greatest projection in Europe. The young Mexican forward He has demonstrated his quality at Feyenoord in the Netherlands and he has put himself on the radar of several clubs in Europe, as he recognized Christian Gimenez.

Although it has been criticized in the Netherlands, the numbers of “Bebote” are not at all negligible. His second season in Europe has been confirming and this has put him on the list of several teams.

Christian Giménez revealed that a couple of interesting steps in “Santi’s” career It would be the Bundesliga in Germany or the Premier League in England.

For your second step, Germany is a very interesting and very important market. (…) English is much more direct and there are teams that are much more attractive in their proposal and can play for Santiago or for a center forward with his characteristics, and he is very interesting“Giménez explained in an interview with TUDN.

Now, regarding which teams would be interested in Santiago Giménez, “Chaco” recognized that they are “class A” clubs. It is worth taking into account that “Bebote” has already played in top-level competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, Now it would be his turn to participate again, but with a larger club.

He has had approaches from class A teams, and he has spoken with class A teams but not just one, several“he explained.

Is Real Madrid looking for Santiago Giménez?

Christian Giménez was consulted about the possibility of “Santi” playing for Real Madrid. Although he did not deny this option, the father of the former Cruz Azul player acknowledged that a team of that magnitude wait for a previous step from the Mexican. That is to say, “Bebote” would have to prove his worth in a team that plays in the main leagues in Europe, before being a bet for the merengue team.

Real Madrid is a team that wants to see Santiago take an intermediate step, not go directly from Feyenoord“, explained Chaco.

The 22-year-old Mexican attacker has played 34 games this season. During that number of matches the Mexican has scored 24 goals and conceded 5 assists. The former Cruz Azul player is valued at just over $47 million dollars.

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