Shakira shows her most loving side with her new song “Nassau” – El Diario NY

Shakira shows her most loving side with her new song “Nassau” – El Diario NY

Although there are still a few weeks left to be able to listen to the long-awaited new album by Shakira“Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran”, the singer has given her millions of fans a small preview of her song “Nassau”, where he shows his most loving side.

This topic suggests that the Colombian has turned the page after her separation with Gerard Piqué and would now be experiencing a new illusion in her life.

“I had promised that I would never love again. You appeared to heal the wounds that that one left. I had that closed, with keys and a padlock, but what do I do? “I like you too much,” says a verse of the song.

Listen to the song here

However, there is still nothing clear about who the interpreter dedicates those phrases to or who is the lucky one who has “healed” the wounds that “that one” left her. We will have to wait until March 22, the date scheduled for the release of the LP.

“My new album that arrives this March 22, I have not created it alone but with all of you, and with my pack of wolves who have been there accompanying me every step.”

Shakira posing on a red carpet.

“As I wrote each song, I rebuilt myself. By singing them, My tears became diamonds and my vulnerability became resilience.“, he wrote on social networks, along with several covers of the album.”

Shakira’s list of songs includes some poisoned darts that she has thrown at Gerard Piqué after their controversial separation in June 2022.

“Puntería” is the song with Cardi B, which will open the album. The second track appears “La Fuerte”, a new collaboration with Bizarrap, (after the success BZRP Music Session #53, which they released in early 2023).

Later you will hear “Tiempo sin verte”, “Cohete”, collaboration with Raw Alejandro, “(Entre parentheses)”, with Grupo Frontera, “How, where and when”, “Nassau”, “The last one”, “I congratulate you ” (another with Rauw Alejandro), “Monotonía”, with Ozuna, “BZRP Music Session Vol. 53”, “TQG”, which is a kind of sequel in feat. with Karol G, from the lyrics of the song with Bizarrap, “Acróstico”, with his children Milan and Sasha, “Copa vaca”, with Manuel Turizo, “El Jefe”, with Fuerza Regida and, finally, a remix version from “BZRP Music Session Vol. 53″, created by none other than DJ Tiesto.

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