Sharis Cid marries businessman Pedro Canavati in an elegant wedding

Sharis Cid marries businessman Pedro Canavati in an elegant wedding

The Chihuahuan actress Sharis Cid is happy at To get married with the businessman Pedro Canavati in an intimate ceremony held this weekend.

In the account of instagram of the driver you can see some photos that the famous woman uploaded to show off the joy she is experiencing in this new stage of her life.

“The happiest day of our lives, thank you for your love, for your words, we love you,” the actress wrote.

Of course, the congratulations did not wait on the internet due to the images that have already been circulating on the web for a few hours, accumulating almost 16 thousand likes.

“What an elegant and beautiful dress!”, “What a beautiful moment, and that your dad gave you at the altar!”, “How beautiful you looked Sharis. May your happiness last forever. Congratulations!”, “Amazed to see how many times they asked you to marry them. Congratulations,” users wrote.

He also received messages of affection from the artistic union. Alexandra Rosaldo He wrote to her: “What a beauty! Congratulations”; while his countryman Omar Chaparro He left her a “Congratulations, friend.”

Along with other photographs Sharis Cid wrote: “With much love we share with you one of the happiest days of our lives. God’s times are perfect”. In some videos of the ceremony, there are fragments in which you can hear some phrases that the now spouses said to each other.

“My love, Pedro Jesús Canavati Marcos, first of all I want to thank God for putting us on this path called life, I love you with all my heart,” Cid says to her now husband.

“I love you with all my heart,” the businessman responded among the guests who included family and close friends.

Sharis Cid’s career

The Chihuahuan left her homeland to go to Mexico City to study acting at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, achieving her first participation on television with the soap opera “Health money and love”.

She has also acted in the soap operas: “Precious”, “Three Women”, “Hell in Paradise”, “DKDA Dreams of Youth”, “La Intrusa”, “Under the Same Skin”, “Rebelde”, “La fea más beautiful”, “I love Juan Querendón”, “Love without makeup”, “Dear enemy” and “Summer of love”.

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Likewise, he has ventured into theater and this was in 2002 with the staging “Real world” alongside actors such as Ulises de la Torre and in the acting debut of Denisse Padilla, in addition to having participated in the rock opera Dracula.

Note originally published in The Herald of Chihuahua

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