Sharon Stone talks about her mental health problems – El Diario NY

Sharon Stone talks about her mental health problems – El Diario NY


The actress Sharon Stone He opened his heart and confessed through tears in an interview for Turkish television that he fights daily to overcome his mental health problems.

In the program “Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond”, the protagonist of “The Specialist” began her story by commenting that the Covid-19 confinement affected many people, who felt very alone.

“And then, in this very special moment that the world is going through, we are all trying to face our own demons. And we are all acting wrong. “Me too,” she expressed.

“We are all trying to figure out how to keep getting up and keep helping others get up too, including people we knocked down ourselves, to make sure we all get back on our feet,” he added.

Stone, who works with the World Health Organization (WHO), pointed out that one in 10 people “globally” currently suffers “a mental crisis.” She then reflected on the importance of every human being on this planet trying to “improve and take care of themselves” instead of depending on the help of state leaders and policies.

“It’s not wrong to think that it should be our leaders who take care of this, but, let’s be honest… Which leader do you think will do it? We must start with ourselves,” she reflected. “You have to stay strong. When you do something that is not right, you have to get up and help who you think you have hurtto continue moving forward and achieve instant forgiveness,” he insisted.

Moments later, Stone became emotional as he recounted how he began using his fame to advocate for marginalized groups. In 2013, the “Casino” star was recognized with the Peace Summit Prize, a recognition awarded by the same foundation that awards the Nobel Prize, for her work on behalf of people with HIV. As reported by the institution on its official website, Stone was specifically honored “for her activities that generate solidarity and new hope for the millions of people who have fought and continue to fight against HIV and AIDS.”

“I suddenly thought, ‘I’m in the right room.’ “These are my people,” Stone said of how she felt attending a panel organized to discuss strategies toward global peace. Increasingly emotional, she added through tears: “I would stay on the street with these people. I would risk my life for these people. These people understand me, I understand them. It took me 35 years, but I’m in the right place and I never told people here in Los Angeles that I won. I didn’t tell anyone because I thought, ‘How can I tell people in the movie business that I won this award?'”

In another part of the interview, Stone celebrated that, finally, she can dedicate herself to what she always dreamed of: the actress said that she spends 17 hours a day painting in her Los Angeles mansion.

“I was really thinking about this the other day, about how difficult it is for women to become what we want to be. In my case, I loved painting when I was a child. At 15, I was in an advanced studies program and earned a writing scholarship. I loved writing and painting, and I didn’t want to go home for summer vacation,” she recalled.

In turn, fantasizing about a potential return to acting, he indicated: “It would have to be a really good role and project to do it.”

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