Sydney Sweeney shows off her vacation in Mexico and dances to mariachi rhythm – El Diario NY

Sydney Sweeney shows off her vacation in Mexico and dances to mariachi rhythm – El Diario NY


After the actress Sydney Sweeney could not help but become the target of criticism and accusations from producer Carol Baum, who did not hesitate to refer to the “Euphoria” interpreter as an actress who “is not pretty and who cannot act.” Now, the blonde decided turn the page to the comments on your tape and show off your vacation in Mexico.

A few hours ago, the co-star of the film “Madame Web” shared on her official Instagram account a series of photos and videos in which she is seen with several friends enjoying the heat, water sports and views offered by the paradisiacal place. where is it located.

According to the Daily Mail portal, the actress, who did not reveal the name of her vacation destination, could have set foot on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, where he even took the time to dance to the rhythm of mariachi.

In one of the clips, Sweeney can be seen dancing barefoot on the sand to the beat of the song “La Bamba”, while wearing a white, semi-transparent sleeveless blouse, with a long matching skirt.

“Good times and tan lines,” Sydney wrote alongside the album of photos and clips she shared with her 19.6 million followers. Her fiance of more than two years appears in her images, Jonathan Davinoin addition to her dog Tank, who has accompanied her to several places on her trip.

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In another series of snapshots, the star of the horror film ‘Immaculate’ appears posing with fun and smiling aboard a sailboat, alone and with her friends, where they all wear pirate costumes to enjoy the occasion a little more. .

Sydney Sweeney responds to Carol Baum’s derogatory comments

Sweeney’s representatives have issued a blunt response to Baum’s derogatory words, expressing their disappointment in the producer’s behavior.

“How sad that a woman in a position to share her experience would choose to attack another woman,” a rep for Sweeney told Entertainment Weekly. “Unfairly disparaging a fellow producer says a lot about Ms. Baum’s character“, they assured.

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