Tere ‘The Secretary’ reappears after 15 years away from television |  PHOTOS

Tere ‘The Secretary’ reappears after 15 years away from television | PHOTOS


At the beginning of the 2000s, the television program ‘La Oreja’ gave a unique touch to the gossip of the show. And it is that he not only brought together Pepillo OrigelVerónica Gallardo and Flor Rubio on a set full of mischief; but also, the character of ‘Tere, The Secretary‘ He always appeared to add more jiribilla and laughter among the audience. She was the actress Rachel Garza who became very loved thanks to her interpretation of Tere, and from there, her career began to take off, but where is she now? There are some photo nostalgic for her on social networks? Next, we tell you what happened to the charismatic ‘secret:’

What happened to Raquel Garza, the figure behind ‘Tere, La Secretaria’?

It seems like it was yesterday, but in reality it has been 15 years since Rachel Garza officially played ‘Tere, The Secretary‘ for ‘Ear,’ program that ended its broadcasts in 2009. However, the beloved ‘secret’ recently returned to television thanks to a comedy broadcast by Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina; a media couple who is trying their luck on the ViX streaming platform.

It’s in the show ‘Is it clear, Eva?’ where Rachel Garza she shone again as an actress; and along the way, she made a nostalgic cameo of ‘Tere, The Secretary.’ Thus, at 56 years of age, the dearest Raquel modernized Tere’s remembered wardrobe a little, and not only because of the time, but because now, her character is not an administrative assistant of an entertainment news program, but of a prestigious publishing house. . Next, a photo of the notorious change of look:

One of the main differences that can be highlighted in the new ‘Tere, The Secretary‘is that he no longer has his fluffy ‘La Oreja’ hairstyle;’ Now she has much shorter hair and her wardrobe is much more formal and modest. Perhaps this is a small slight to those who were used to her sexy mini-skirts and fishnet stockings; but without a doubt, the charisma of Rachel Garza He is still present in his new job at the fictitious company ‘Publibooks.’

Of course, thanks to a recent interview with Televisa Showsit’s known that Rachel Garza spoke with Elías Solorio (producer of ‘Is it neta, Eva?’) so that ‘Tere, The Secretary‘came back to life. She herself told how much she missed said character: I told her that I wanted to be Tere again (…) that she had many doubts and fears because she is a character that people remember a lot. But we were aware that she could not be the same. (Old Tere) no longer fits into a show program, because she no longer has her boyfriend Pepillo and she has to adjust to a new life.

In addition to being ‘Tere, The Secretary‘ for almost a decade thanks to ‘La Oreja’, Rachel Garza She had the opportunity to stand out as a comic actress thanks to productions such as ‘La Fea más Bella’, ‘Las tontes no van al cielo’, ‘Dare to Dream’, ‘Corona de Tears’, etc. In fact, before reincarnating ‘Tere’, her most recent work on television took place thanks to the series ‘El Junior: El Mirrey de los Capos’.

Photo: @raquelgarzatv via Instagram

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