“Thank you for everything, Cleidinha”: Zague says goodbye to his mother with an emotional letter – La Opinion

“Thank you for everything, Cleidinha”: Zague says goodbye to his mother with an emotional letter – La Opinion

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Luis Roberto Alves “Zague”who lost his mother on March 29, he said goodbye by Mrs. Cleide Gavranic Alves dos Santos with an emotional message that he published on his Instagram account.

In this letter, the son of the “Lone Wolf” found a way to vent and took the opportunity to say a final goodbye to the person who accompanied him throughout his life.

You imagine that you are on the seashore and you see a ship leaving. You keep looking, as he walks away, further and further away, until finally only a dot appears on the horizon. There the sea and the sky meet. And you say, ‘There, she’s gone.’ Did she go where? Went to a place your vision can’t reach, that’s all“, begins the letter that is accompanied by a close-up photo of the recently deceased woman.

Go in peace, beloved, beautiful and dear mother.…loving with that kindness, that generosity, that enormous, gigantic, infinite love that always characterized you. Here on this side be certain that Your children, grandchildren, family and friends will remember you forever.“Adds the former soccer player and now television commentator.

Thank you for everything Doña Cleide, Cleidinha!… Rest in peace Mother”, concludes the player who became a legend with America and the Mexican team.

What happened to Zague’s mother?

Until now the causes of Mrs. Cleide’s death are still a mystery, since The family has handled the situation very secrecy.

What is known is that Club América and various Mexican media reported the loss on Friday, March 29, when they sent their condolences to the former soccer player who proudly wore the cream-blue shirt.

The last thing that was known about Mrs. Cleide before her death was that she was at the end of the year gathering with her family, since images were released showing her in a wheelchair accompanied by her children.

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