The 7 WORST jobs you can have and for which the US could deny you the American VISA

The 7 WORST jobs you can have and for which the US could deny you the American VISA


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The employment opportunities have shown us to be increasingly varied, and although none of us can feel sorry for or criticize the way in which each person makes a living, the seven that we are going to present to you below are not very well accepted by USAreasons why they could completely deny the American visa and then we are going to tell you the reason for its rejection.

The document of the American visa It is one of the ones that has presented the most demand this year 2024reasons why it is completely essential that you have it in your hands to be able to enter the US territorybut as is already known, the Procedure becomes delayed and feared by the fear generated by the request is denied and if you have any of these jobs, it is most likely that this will end up happening. in

Believe it or not, there are different jobs that they are not seen very well by the immigration authorities and not because they are degrading, far from it; However, for them, they do not comply with the requirements essential to be able to grant the documentation, since they reach catalog as passengers, and do not provide assurance that they offer compelling reasons to return to your country of origin if you have any of them.

Jobs ‘badly’ viewed by the United States

According to some experts, the jobs that we are going to present to you below are classified as transferable, that is, people can go from one country to another and to settle completely with this one employment without you proving that you are tied to your country of origin, reasons why officials do not give these people the opportunity to obtain tourist visas to prevent them from staying illegally in their country. territory.

This listing was released through the YouTube channelIt’s time to travel, the same as the poker leader Gregorio Martínez, who has taken his knowledge about this sought-after to social networks Procedure of the USA and this is what you need to know about the seven worst jobs with which you can make a application of American visa.

  • Hairdressers.
  • Taxi drivers.
  • Waiters.
  • Manicurists.
  • Virtual commerce.
  • Informal lenders.
  • Sale and rental of informal cars.

And many people claim that in order to perform professionally With some of these jobs it is not absolutely essential to have a license, in addition to the fact that they can do it from anywhere in the world, and this does not guarantee that even if they do it from their country of origin they have every intention of returning once they are finished. your vacation in USA.

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