The fertilizer made from 1 kitchen ingredient so that your plants are lush and healthy

The fertilizer made from 1 kitchen ingredient so that your plants are lush and healthy

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If you are looking for an ideal and economical option to pay your floorsthis recipe is ideal for you. If your floors are suffering from the seasonal change and you want to prepare them so that they are healthy before the arrival of spring, put this recipe into practice that will help you maintain your leafy plants Since they recover their color and strength in record time, the ingredients are very accessible.

This recipe It is ideal because it will provide your plants with some essential nutrients for their growth, especially nitrogen, which is a necessary element to maintain the health of the plants. This homemade fertilizer It will restore strength to your crops and will also help them to be green and healthy and will also collaborate in the flowering process so that your floors burst with flowers in the approaching spring.

To prepare this organic fertilizer you need: 2 cups of vegetable or charcoal ash, 1 cup of ground coffee, it doesn’t matter if it is the kind that remains as residue in the coffee maker, ½ cup of ground cinnamon and 3 liters of water. You probably have all the ingredients at home and if not, it is very easy to get them, and they are also inexpensive. Prepare this organic fertilizer that will restore life and beauty to your floors.

Prepare this organic fertilizer with a kitchen ingredient

Pour the water into a container and then add the charcoal ash, stir the mixture so that the charcoal is perfectly moistened and integrated with the water, then add the coffee and a measure of cinnamon. Mix the ingredients perfectly again, when the mixture is ready, allow it to rest for half an hour. This homemade fertilizer It is concentrated and prolonged release, so we are only going to apply it twice a month, preferably in the afternoons when the Sun begins to set so that the floors Make better use of the nutrients that this fertilizer will provide you.

To apply this homemade fertilizer We will pour a little of the mixture at the base of our floors until the soil is completely wet and then we will add a little water so that the pass begins to rinse and be completely absorbed into the soil, so the plant You will be able to take better advantage of its nutrients. This pass natural and organic is ideal for your plants to be leafy and healthy, Try it and enjoy the results.

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