The former Televisa commentator, Fernando Marcos, precursor of the great rivalry América vs.  Chivas – La Opinion

The former Televisa commentator, Fernando Marcos, precursor of the great rivalry América vs. Chivas – La Opinion

Beyond the fact that the term National Classic was coined due to the great interest generated by the rivalry between America vs. Chivas, The reality is that the precursor of this antagonism is attributed to the controversial player, technical director, referee and commentator Fernando Marcos, who in the 1950s began to generate sporting hatred against Guadalajara, with the aim of reducing the affection and attention generated by the Guadalajara team.

The data indicates that the rivalry between both teams was born in 1959 and from then on the rivalry generated an unusual role in facing the powerful represented by América. and the humble team, from the province in Guadalajara.

It should be noted that 14 years earlier the first signs of this great history between both teams had already been given with a duel in 1944, when, in a phenomenal fight, the rivalry began that grew and adopted followers.

However, Fernando Marcos was the most influential character in the antagonism between the creams of that time and the champion. Marcos carried out various activities in Mexican soccer: player, referee, coach, reporter and commentator. In addition, he was in charge of directing the Águilas del América in 1957 until there were three days left in the 1960-1961 championship.

Precisely in his role as a strategist, this influential character with a single phrase detonated what until now provokes passions and generates joy and sadness in millions of homes of fans of both colors in Aztec football.

This phrase was iconic: “America does not come to Guadalajara to win, that is routine. We are here to change your long distance phone number.. So my friends already know: every person who wants to call Guadalajara, dial two zero, two zero, two zero or 20-20-20,” he said.

Marcos took as a reference the last three victories against Guadalajara rivals such as the Oro team, which they beat Atlas 2-0 with the same score and against Guadalajara closed the round of results that gave way to the famous phrase.

There everything detonated and has generated memorable matches, like that semifinal that will be remembered for decades like the one in the 1982-83 tournament. in which America emerged as favorite and Chivas defeated them in a blow to their pride.

This is really the result that is most remembered in the last forty years for everything it generated in the environment of what is now known as Liga MX.

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Antonio “Pollo” Briseño and the Chilean Diego Valdés have fought great battles like those experienced by the legendary Fernando Marcos. The same as Jesús Orozco Chiquete, Luis Fuentes and Ramón Juárez. Photo:Eloisa Sánchez/Imago7.

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