The House of Famous People 4: Cristina Porta promises a vote of silence if she is saved from the 7th elimination – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: Cristina Porta promises a vote of silence if she is saved from the 7th elimination – El Diario NY

Cristina Porta

Just as you hear it. Cristina Porta will take a vow of silence if today she manages to save herself from the seventh elimination gala in The House of the Famous 4! It is important to note that this idea could save her, especially because as of the closing of this note, she is one of the least voted for by the public.

But be careful that the vote of silence has conditions and a defined time of at least twelve hours in duration. Of course, in the event that Cristina wants to break the vow of silence, her payment must be a kiss on the mouth to Clovis Nienow, who with this dynamic wins double, as Lupillo Rivera would say, “If you know what I mean !”

How are the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 going today, just hours before the 7th elimination

Lupillo Rivera, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Romeh and Clovis Nienow are the most enthusiastic about Porta complying with this vow of silence, since the Spaniard is known in this reality show for not holding anything back and sometimes for talking more than necessary.

The inhabitants of the fourth earth tend to sympathize a little more with her, compared to how the famous people who make up the “fuagua” alliance usually treat her. who, due to the rejection that Aleska Génesis and Alfredo Adame make so evident against them, do not allow themselves to live with someone who was their friend for a few days beyond what is necessary.

Because even though they may complain about Porta, it is also true that during the fifteen days that she lasted within the alliance she worked to coexist with them. It’s just that the elimination of Leslie Gallardo changed Cristina’s perception of the game, and for this reason she lost her way within “fuagua.”

It is also true that now many of her qualities and defects are being more evident to the public because before the fans and the rest of the inhabitants had an overdose of Leslie, who not only speaks more than the Spanish one, but even does it much more. faster than Cristina Porta.

Now, all of the above is what motivated Cristina’s separation and that is why she now defines herself in this game as “independent republic”. So she plays relatively alone and also purchases food alone, versus the rest of the inhabitants who remain faithful to their teams.

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