The House of Famous People 4: Of the new inhabitants, who can be nominated tomorrow?  – The NY Journal

The House of Famous People 4: Of the new inhabitants, who can be nominated tomorrow? – The NY Journal

La Casa de los Famosos 2

None! Prior to the leader’s test, on 24/7, Clovis Nienow asked “La Jefa” about when the new inhabitants of The House of the Famous 4to which she responded that at today’s gala that would not be possible.

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This morning many social networks began to argue that at least Patricia Corcino and Geraldine Bazán could be nominatedHowever, Jimena Gállego explained that they cannot nominate or be nominated, because they entered the house on a Wednesday night, which is why they must serve the full 15 days.

Consequently, the only celebrities who can be nominated tomorrow are the same ones as always, those who have been part of the show since day one. Now, next week Geraldine and Patricia will be able to be nominated, but not Serrath and even less so Paulo Quevedo who entered days later.

Now, this situation has generated the union of the fourth earth with the fourth water, all with the sole objective of eliminating the famous people who have now made up the new “era of the fourth fire.” The conversation about this alliance was between La Melaza and Lupillo Rivera. It is worth adding that all this has worked for the image that the public had of Alana Lliteras and Aleska Génesis.

This fourth season is truly the edition in which the members of this generation have demonstrated the most game strategies. And even when they say that on land, Lupillo is the “mastermind”, this is not true.

Within this team everyone fulfills a function, Romeh, for example, is the one who coordinates the numbers and explains where and where the play should go, while “El Toro del Corrido” also reads the emotions of the house and thus knows more or less where even they could get the shots for the nomination. Of course, Tierra has always been clear about how he wants to play and the fact that Maripily has betrayed them has complicated their game, but it has not destabilized them, on the contrary, they have united much more.

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