The House of Famous People 4: Which nominee is in last place in today’s voting, April 29?  – The NY Journal

The House of Famous People 4: Which nominee is in last place in today’s voting, April 29? – The NY Journal

Today, April 29, 2024, The House of Famous 4 will experience its 14th elimination gala. Lupillo Rivera, Cristina Porta, Patricia Corcino, Paulo Quevedo, Aleska Génesis and Maripily Rivera will enter the SUM. Geraldine Bazán was once again saved from an elimination process, thanks to Alana Lliteras stealing the salvation to remove her friend from the nomination table.

At the moment we have two important phenomena in the surveys. In some, the last place is fought between Aleska Génesis and Paulo Quevedo. While in others we see Cristina Porta, Quevedo and Patricia Corcino fighting over not leaving La Casa de los Famosos 4.

The difference in votes between all those in last place, including Aleska’s votes, indicates that the difference is minimal. For this reason it is believed that the elimination will be between any of the four mentioned above.

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The possibilities indicate that today’s eliminated could be Paulo Quevedo. Of course, Aleska Génesis will also owe her salvation or his elimination to the behavior she has today with Alana Lliterasbecause the public of this famous Mexican chef does not forget or forgive, and neither do the fans of the fourth land and the fourth water. Because for both teams, the Venezuelan has worked poorly and against each other.

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Prior to the salvation of Geraldine Bazán, for example, Aleska and Paulo had the lowest votes. But, the fact that Alana has positioned herself in favor of the Mexican actor in the positioning has caused many to understand that what the fourth water is looking for is the salvation of Quevedo and the elimination of Aleska, because everyone has already realized that Even though the Venezuelan says she is playing in favor of water, her actions indicate the opposite.

At the moment the only certainty we have, by votes, about the inhabitants who will return to the house yes or yes today are Maripily Rivera and Lupillo Rivera, who always tend to monopolize the votes in their favor in all the nominations in which they have entered the SUM.

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