The Kings League wants to take over the best stadiums in Mexico – La Opinion

The Kings League wants to take over the best stadiums in Mexico – La Opinion

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The Kings League It is a seven-a-side soccer tournament that has given a lot to talk about in its first editions. This tournament has as its main faces: Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. The success of this competition has been of such magnitude that the Americas Kings League. Miguel Layún is the president of the tournament and hopes to take this competition to mythical stadiums of the continent.

This competition has been very well managed in its previous editions in Spain. The receptivity has been very good to the point that they usually fill entire stadiums with the presence of followers of this tournament from the Twitch community.

In the Spanish edition of this competition, The matches took place at the Metropolitano, Atlético de Madrid’s stadiumand even in the imposing Camp Nou, headquarters of FC Barcelona. Miguel Layún hopes to do something similar to this in the “Final Four” of the Américas Kings League.

“It is clear that the magnitude of what is done in a Final Four requires (a large stage), the idea we have is look for it not only to be made in Mexicobut rather that we go to different countries in Latin America, especially where we have presidents, in case of Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic. The idea is to take the product to all those countries that participate in this,” Miguel Layún explained for Halftime.

Which stadiums will host the América Kings League?

Although the “move” to the large stadiums occurs in the decisive stage of the tournament, there is already a lot of expectation about What could be the venue for said event. Miguel Layún was asked which stadiums he would have in mind for the summit stage of the América Kings League to take place.

“Where do I want to see the Kings League Americas? In the most emblematic stadiums in all of Latin America. I would like to see it at the Azteca Stadium, but there is the issue of remodeling. I would also like to see her at the stadium. Chivas, the Steel Giant in Monterrey or the Volcano itself. (…) In the Bombonera, the Olympic“, mentioned the former Águilas del América player.

In addition to the great expectations that Miguel Layún has with the América Kings League, The tournament has a marked comparison with the Spanish edition. The goal of the former Mexican national team player is for this competition to have a receptivity similar to that of the Spanish tournament.

Our objective is to start from the floor that has Infojobs (Kings League Spain) as its then seek to catapult it, understanding that we have a great commitment because obviously we speak to many countries”, he concluded.

First day of the Américas Kings League (February 25)

  • Caribbean Galacticos vs. Ravens Club
  • Persians FC vs. Real Titan FC
  • Los Chamos FC vs. FC Boys
  • West Santos FC vs. Raniza FC
  • Atlético Parceros FC vs. The Aliens FC
  • Caligari vs. Plush Olimpo United

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