The Tigres board announces internal sanction for Nahuel Guzmán – La Opinion

The Tigres board announces internal sanction for Nahuel Guzmán – La Opinion

Faced with the forcefulness of the serious events represented by the use of a laser type light by the goalkeeper of the UANL Tigres, Argentine Nahuel Guzmán, against the goalkeeper from Monterrey, Esteban Andrada, Also of Argentine nationality, during the actions of the royal classic, the sports director of the feline squad Antonio Sancho announced an internal sanction against the South American goalkeeper for these unsportsmanlike acts.

“They know that I don’t like to talk, I hope they respect me and I will give my point of view, I saw that yesterday I was mentioned a lot and you all wanted to talk to me. I hope I can touch on the points of your interest and know what my position is; first point: Nahuel and the laser: Let them know, he is sorry for what happened.”

The manager also added that: “Of course we do not agree with what happened, He knows it, we have internal codes and regulations. An internal sanction will be made as it has always been and has always been expressed.”

The reality of things is that Nahuel Guzmán’s unsportsmanlike action generated a whole series of actions within the university team and for that reason, the main actor in these events that have gone around the world due to the nature of using a laser light to annoy the rival team, has aroused all kinds of protests in the MX League, where The majority of members are demanding an exemplary sanction for the aforementioned player.

For that reason, Guzmán was met this Tuesday by the president of the team, Mauricio Culebro and by the sports director himself, Antonio Sancho, where it was handled, according to unofficial versions they had a virtual meeting with the members of the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation, who will be in charge of imposing the sanction established by the sanctions regulations and code of ethics of the MX League:

They refute accusations

In the talk he had with the media this Tuesday, Antonio Sancho categorically denied the versions from the sports president of Monterrey, Antonio Noriegathat Nahuel Guzmán’s action had been permitted and planned by the cat team’s own board of directors.

“It is disrespectful to me, the simple fact that as an ethical issue after 30 years in the media and also towards the institution that insinuates that we knew or were behind this. What happened in the locker room, who seems like someone from football (Tato Noriega) and we know what this is like, nothing happened. So much so that there was no report from the Disciplinary Commission, these are football things and they stay on the field,” he added.

Imago 1318254
In Monterrey the version circulates that Tigres manager Antonio Sancho did not have the personality to prevent Nahuel Guzmán from using a laser light against Rayados goalkeeper Esteban Andrada. Photo: Jorge Mendoza/Imago7.

The anger of the Tigres board was due to the insinuations of their counterpart from Monterrey in pointing out that the board was behind all these events: “I think we must have complete arguments to ensure something so reckless, it is true that many things can be said in the heat of the game, but I think that in the end everything was left in his simple comment and in the end we know how we have conducted ourselves throughout all these years in football,” the university leader concluded by commenting.

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