The United States and Mexico withdraw their candidacy to organize the 2027 Women’s World Cup;  They want to do it in 2031 – La Opinion

The United States and Mexico withdraw their candidacy to organize the 2027 Women’s World Cup; They want to do it in 2031 – La Opinion

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The soccer federations of Mexico and the United States They announced this Monday that they withdrew their candidacy on the whole to organize the 2027 Women’s Soccer World Cup and, instead, They will focus on doing so by 2031.

Changing our bid will allow us to host an unprecedented Women’s World Cup in 2031 that will help grow and raise the level of women’s soccer both here at home and around the world,” explained the president of the US Soccer Federation, Cindy Parlow Cone, in a statement.

Remembering that the 2026 men’s World Cup will be in these two countries, the federations want to leave a period of several years to apply the knowledge that the international competition leaves them with.

It will allow us to build on the lessons learned and the success of the 2026 World Cup“, better support our host cities, expand our partnerships and agreements with the media, and further engage with our fans so that we can organize an unprecedented tournament,” reads the letter sent to the media.

The statement also notes that, for the first time in history, the bid will require the same investment as the men’s tournament, eliminating investment disparities to fully maximize the commercial potential of the women’s tournament.

“Organize a World Cup tournament It’s a huge task, and having extra time to prepare allows us to maximize its impact around the world.“said Parlow Cone.

Ivar Sisniegapresident of the Mexican Soccer Federation, agreed with what the American soccer boss said and confirmed that they intend for it to be the most successful Women’s World Cup in history, due to the strength, infrastructure and experience that their respective leagues give them.

We are fully committed to hosting a historic and memorable Women’s World Cup from which players and fans will benefit. “After careful analysis, we believe that moving our bid to 2031 will allow us to promote and prepare for the most successful Women’s World Cup in history,” he said.

The strength and universality of our professional women’s leagues, together with our experience in organizing the 2026 World Cup, means that we will be able to provide the best infrastructure as well as an enthusiastic fan base that will make all participating teams feel at home and organize a World Cup that contributes to the continuous growth of women’s soccer,” Sisniega concluded.

Without Mexico and the United States, FIFA will decide in a vote that will take place on May 17 upcoming at its conference in Bangkok, Thailand, between two candidates, Brazil and one jointly between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The 2027 edition will be the tenth in the history of the women’s world cup, which was previously organized on at least one occasion by China, Sweden, the United States, Germany, Canada, France and last year, Australia and New Zealand.

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