‘There’s Daniel Bisogno for a while’ The driver reappears in Ventaneando and this is what he looks like after being in a coma

‘There’s Daniel Bisogno for a while’ The driver reappears in Ventaneando and this is what he looks like after being in a coma

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The well-known television host, Daniel Bisogno have faced problems related to their health for some time, recently his condition worsened drastically due to a strong lung infection that led him to be hospitalized in critical condition. As part of the medical treatment that had to be administered to the presenter, it was necessary to induce a coma and intubate him in order to help his body recover.

It was the renowned entertainment journalist Paty Chapoy, who is also the founder and director of Ventaneando, a program where Daniel Bisogno collaborates who was responsible for keeping an eye on the driver’s health at all times. Paty declared that due to the critical condition in which he was Daniel It had been necessary to induce a coma and intubate him, as he could not breathe on his own.

Bisogno has faced a delicate transition in his life, not only because of the delicate condition of health what he went through, but because during his stay in the hospital, his mother Araceli Bisogno died while he was in an induced coma, evidently the news of his mother’s death surprised the driver too much because he received the news when the doctors woke him up from the hospital. induced coma. Coupled with the loss of his mother, his health continued to be delicate.

Daniel Bisgono reappears and talks about his experience after being in a coma

Yesterday during the broadcast of the program WindowingPaty Chapoy made a link via zoom directly to the house of Daniel BisognoIn the broadcast, the driver mentioned that he is feeling much better, however, he is taking therapies daily because his mobility has been limited due to the days he was in a coma. His program colleagues expressed words of support to him and Daniel He mentioned that he is eager to return to his job.

Daniel He explained that his family, including his little daughter, Michaela, have remained very close and attentive to his health and took the opportunity to joke about the popularity he achieved due to the impact generated by the news related to his health. In the broadcast, I take the opportunity to thank the public for their attention and for keeping an eye on its evolution. Finally, Daniel He added that he is going to get out of this and that everything is going to be fine.

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