They blame César Évora for being the cause of the marital CRISIS of Victoria Ruffo and her husband

They blame César Évora for being the cause of the marital CRISIS of Victoria Ruffo and her husband


Did you remember Victoria Ruffo already César Evora starring in soap operas with incredible love stories? Fans of both actors are very excited and shocked with the rumor that the Cuban artist could have something to do with the marital crisis that Victoria and her husband are facing. Omar Fayad. According to this information, Évora would be to blame for the fact that the actress’s relationship with the politician is on the verge of divorce, since the love they showed in the melodramas would have crossed the screen.

Since last year there have been very strong rumors that the marriage of Victoria Ruffo61 years old, and Omar Fayad61, is going through a bad time; According to speculation, the couple would be close to separating after having been married since 2001, so in 2024 they would be about to celebrate 23 years together. Divorce rumors increased when Fayad was assigned a new position, which would require them to leave the country and move to another part of the world.

The current administration appointed Omar Fayad as the Ambassador of Mexico in Norway, so since December 13, 2023, the politician has been carrying out his role. Last January, the husband of Victoria Ruffo He explained to TV Notas what would happen to his marriage now that he will be so far away and if the actress will go live with him. She said that it is a decision that they have not yet made, since the famous woman has work commitments in Mexico and the United States.

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In the midst of all this panorama in which it is not known what the future of the relationship will be. Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad A character appeared that no one expected: César Evora. Recently, rumors arose that the friendship he had with the actress had transformed into love, especially after they lived together for a long time in the forums and starred in intense love stories, such as in “Hold me very tight” or “The Stepmother.” “.

Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad are close to separating because of César Évora, they say

After it became known that César Evora would be to blame for the marital crisis they face Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayadthe 64-year-old actor broke the silence and told his version of the events. The famous man, who starred in 6 soap operas with Victoria, responded to the rumors that link him romantically with her. He assured that they do not have a romance and that everything is an invention of people.

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“Please, please! Confusing fiction, the novels that we made together with real life is a total mistake,” he told the media De Primera Mano in statements presented on February 27. He added: “For God’s sake! We play characters, if people transposed the story from the novels to real life, sorry.” The Cuban showed his surprise and annoyance at these rumors that romantically link him with Victoria Ruffoas he assured that it is not the first time they have done it.

“Sometimes they told me ‘they have an apartment and sometimes they see each other’. I say: ‘Very easy, nowadays everyone has a cell phone, why isn’t there a video? Why isn’t there a photo if it were like this?'” he asserted. “I would be very stupid and very cowardly if I had done it and not assumed it (…) it is not true, it is not true!” he insisted César Evorawho asked that they no longer blame him for allegedly putting their marriage in crisis. Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayadsince these speculations also harm his family.

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