They claim on networks that Alana Lliteras had leaked the name of the one saved in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

They claim on networks that Alana Lliteras had leaked the name of the one saved in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 31

A new controversy has arisen in ‘The House of Famous People 4’because at this week’s party the actress Alana Lliteras would have revealed that Sunday’s save will be Geraldine Bazán.

A video was released on social networks in which the young woman can be heard announcing that Aleska Génesis will save the famous Mexican.

“Let her save because La Jefa scolded me because it was already like insinuating who was going to be saved,” he commented.

Many viewers were upset because they consider that they no longer hide who will be the nominee who will leave the risk zone on Sunday.

Therefore, with many messages they claimed: “La Jefa, salvation sung, cancel that salvation or what is coming to you is big”, “Thank you for recording it and uploading it, to spread it”, “How terrible the production has been, everything is fixed, everything is a mandatory script.”

The fourth Agua asks for votes for Patricia in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’

Although strategies are important within the reality show, celebrities must keep some of their decisions secret out of respect for the game.

However, in recent days they have asked for votes for Puerto Rican Patricia Corcino. “If we need your support, team Mala,” said Aleska Génesis.

For his part, Lupillo Rivera stated: “It sounds bad, but I’m already here in Agua, team Tsunami and you are also Tsunami, so I want to celebrate someone’s first departure from Earth. You choose the individual, the individual, how you see things out there, you are the ones in charge. I need to get in the pool that night.”

Patricia Corcino also spoke about the situation she is in and asked for the support of the people: “I am firm as a soldier, always with my head held high, I do not believe that there is any mistake in defending and highlighting what the values ​​and the respect and the rights of each person, I believe that respect has no flag. So it’s time, as Lupillo says, for someone from the other room to come out.”

To top it off, he said that it was the opportunity for the public to truly choose who can represent Puerto Rico.

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