They claim that Juan Gabriel had secret rooms in his house in San Miguel de Allende – El Diario NY

They claim that Juan Gabriel had secret rooms in his house in San Miguel de Allende – El Diario NY

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The properties of Juan Gabriel They are still news. The most recent is related to his house in San Miguel de Allende, an area of ​​Guanajuato that is characterized by its Spanish baroque style.

This new information about the property It has been spread thanks to Guillermo Pousa lawyer who worked alongside the singer from 2012 until his death on August 28, 2016. The man recently gave an interview for Pati Chapoy’s YouTube channel.

First he explained that Juan Gabriel spent most of his time at this property in San Miguel de Allende. It suggests that he took refuge there after finishing his concert tours and, of course, took the opportunity to invite family and friends.

His preference for that property made him invest money in renovations, he tried to make the place comfortable enough for him and his guests.

He also tells Chapoy that after his death He found several surprises within that and other of his properties. That comment led to a conversation about the supposed secret rooms that the famous Mexican singer had.

Pous confirmed that there were secret rooms in the housealthough he denied that they were dark rooms, as was said.

One of those rooms could be the bedroom where Juan Gabriel actually slept, since it was not the obvious bedroom in the residence. He says that the place was on the left side, just after entering the house.

That Juan Gabriel bedroom could be considered an apartmentbecause in addition to the big bed it had its own kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom.

But the best part of the whole place was what was hidden behind a simple bookcase. In the best style of the movies, the bookshelf became the door to a secret space where the singer kept photographs, books, videos and more.

Pous assures that among everything there is very valuable unpublished material that is under his possession.

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