They claim that Kate Middleton’s video was made with AI;  BBC responds – El Diario NY

They claim that Kate Middleton’s video was made with AI; BBC responds – El Diario NY


After what Kate Middleton came out to publicly reveal that he suffers from cancer through a video on social networks, dozens of Internet users began to make conspiracy theories that the clip It had been made with Artificial Intelligencebut this was already denied by the British network BBC.

Through a statement, the media announced that BCC Studios was in charge of recording the message and that there was no type of editing.

BBC Studios filmed a message from the Princess of Wales in Windsor this week. “We would like to wish His Royal Highness a speedy recovery,” they reported.

They also made it clear that they did not participate editorially in the message that was transmitted and did not participate in the distribution of the video, since it was published through the Instagram accounts of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

These conspiracy theories arose after the Princess of Wales shared an edited photo where she celebrated Mother’s Day in the company of her children.

Through the social network X, hundreds of people claimed that Kate Middleton’s video had been made with Artificial Intelligence.

“Kate Middleton’s face looks like a robot“His lips don’t even match what he is supposedly saying, this is done with Artificial Intelligence,” commented one user.

Chris Ship, editor of a television network in the United Kingdom, stated that the reason why Kate Middleton decided to record herself, It was to end conspiracy theories and so that people feel empathy for her.

“Kate did it on video because she wanted to do it as personal as possible. Yes, of course, she also helps silence all the conspiracy theorists, but she wanted to make the message on video and it was also a very moving message. And she herself wanted to make that very personal statement,” she said.

Messages of support for Kate Middleton on social networks

After the Princess of Wales announced on Friday that she has cancer, the news quickly went viral on social networks, due to the surprising nature of the information.

After the publication of the video of Prince William’s wife, the comments from Internet users were immediate, the majority to show concern and others to give words of support to the member of the British crown.

“They are finally going to stop speculation and let her continue her recovery”, “God put his hand on her and give her healing”, “My prayers for her recovery and for her family, especially for her children, who They are small”, “May God give her strength and may God first recover now, she is a great human being,” some wrote.

Other messages that were read were: “I will have you in my prayers. May God embrace the strength so that he can get out of this circumstance”, “God will give you life and health. “I declare this in the name of God.”

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