They revive an old interview in which JLo attacks Salma Hayek, Cameron Díaz and Madonna – El Diario NY

They revive an old interview in which JLo attacks Salma Hayek, Cameron Díaz and Madonna – El Diario NY

Following the recent controversy sparked by a video in which he is seen spitting gum into his assistant’s hand, an old interview conducted with Jennifer Lopez has been rescued on social networks showing, once again, the much talked about “diva” attitude of the one born in The Bronx.

Through his official X account, the English journalist Alexander Abad-Santos published an excerpt from the interview that the “On The Floor” singer gave to the specialized media Moviline in 1998 for the premiere of her film, alongside George Clooney“Out Of Sight.”

On that occasion, the singer also began by mentioning that “she had the shine of stardom” and considered herself “the best” thanks to the influence of great actresses such as Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroeamong other.

However, and after being asked about some of her colleagues, such as Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez provided a series of answers that remain controversial to this day

She’s a sexy bombshell and that’s the kind of roles she plays. I do all kinds of different roles. She makes me laugh when she says that she was offered ‘Selena’ (the first film the actress starred in), which is an absolute lie.”



What did Jennifer Lopez say about other actresses?

In the same interview, the “Can’t Get Enough” singer also responded to what she thought about Cameron Diazone of the best actresses of that time thanks to films such as “The Mask”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, among others.

“A lucky model who has been given many opportunities that she should have taken better advantage of.”


Jennifer Lopez posing.

Likewise, she took the time to mention that she had never been a big fan of the actress. Winona Ryderas well as declaring that he knew more about Gwyneth Paltrow for his relationship with Brad Pitt than for his work.

Finally, the wife of Ben Affleck He also took the time to mention that Madonna She was a great singer but a “bad” actress: “Acting is what I do, so I’m very hard on people who say: ‘Oh, I can do this, I know how to act.’ So I say, ‘Hey, don’t spit on my craft.'”

Jennifer Lopez posing.
Jennifer Lopez has been severely criticized for spitting gum into her assistant’s hand.
Credit: Mezcalo

JLo is not at her best

After the lukewarm reception of his new album “This Is Me… Now”, both in public and in critics, the actress had to cancel 7 concerts, in various cities in the United States, due to supposedly low ticket sales.

In addition to the above, the actress was also severely criticized, in previous days, after a video went viral in which she is seen spitting what appears to be a piece of gum into her assistant’s hand.

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