This is how the press discovered one of Luis Miguel’s great LIES about his origin

This is how the press discovered one of Luis Miguel’s great LIES about his origin



Very few singers have the public’s love as intact as Luis Miguel, and proof of this has been the absence that the singer had for several years, since his return to the scenarios Last year it has surprised the entire world since the seats have been sold out for each of the counts in which it has been presented, but today, we will remember the time when a part of your life that very few imagined: the interpreter he is not mexican and that was how the news.

It is no secret to anyone that the one also known as the ‘Sun of Mexico’, He is remembered for his unmatched talent, and it has been thanks to the Netflix production, that his life, career and even songs have gone through different generationsbecause throughout three successful seasons launched from 2016 have given decent anecdotes from their past that very few or only true fans of the singer they remembered.

And not only the disappearance of his mother and the constant exploitation by his father, King Luisito gave them a topic of conversation in the series, but also the origin of the interpreter of topics like ‘The unconditional’ and ‘Loving you is a pleasure’Well, even if you don’t believe it, it was one of the dirty ‘plays’ of his father so that his son’s career would escalate to the levels it is today and this is what happened.

It is important to mention first of all, that Luis Miguel is not Mexican by birth, Well, this one was born in Puerto Rico, but from a very young age, he and his family settled completely in Aztec territory, but when he saw the fame that his son could achieve, he was the same King Luisito who fabricated a story where it was said that the singer was born in Veracruzfor which he was given the nickname ‘Sun of Mexico’.

This is how it came to light that Luis Miguel is not Mexican

For many years, it was believed that the singer had been born in one of the most important ports of this country, but later the bomb exploded completely, because according to the series of Netflix starring Diego Bonetait was implied that this issue would have come to light thanks to a leak from the businessman Jaime Camil, who was never in favor of romance with his daughter Isabela Camil, but another culprit was also pointed out.

And being already consecrated as a reference of the romantic ballad in Spanish, it came to light that the stage star was not originally born in Mexico, but according to the narrative of ‘Luis Miguel: The series’, was the father of Micky, who leaked to the press true birth certificate, This after his son no longer wanted him to continue leading his career, so the accusations of ‘faker’ They were immediately present, but the singer was much more astute.

After the ‘attacks against them’, Luis Miguel chose to acknowledge his origin publicly before the media and said that he would begin the procedures to naturalize mexicanand to divert the topic he released a new bolero album, which reaffirmed his love for the Aztec lands, and some time later he officially showed off his passport, and this ended up reaffirming the love between the singer and this country.


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