Top Chef VIP 2024: Carmen Villalobos and Telemundo present the celebrities of the third season

Top Chef VIP 2024: Carmen Villalobos and Telemundo present the celebrities of the third season



A new season of the most demanding cuisine on Spanish-speaking television is coming, because through a clip, Carmen Villalobos and Telemundo confirm the arrival of a new generation of celebrities who plans to keep the final prize of 200 thousand dollars and the trophy of the best chef in the world gastronomic reality and here we present who makes up this third season and when it starts Top Chef VIP 2024.

The pretty and attractive colombian actress The 40-year-old shared with his thousands of followers a clip in which he confirmed the arrival of 20 new celebrities who will participate and test their greatest culinary skills, as they plan to catch up with other champions from past seasons such as Lambda García at 2022 and Alana Lliteras in 2023so the stoves are lit to meet the celebrities that come to captivate the judges with their seasoning.

The funny clip starred the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Hasta que la plata nos separa’ and ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, and just a few hours after the news the post has already exceeded 20 thousand likes. fan art cooking realityand although there is no confirmed date yet, Carmen Villalobos announced that it will be next May when the third season starts, and these are the 20 celebrities that you have to know.

Who are the 20 celebrities entering Top Chef VIP 2024?

For this new season of the reality show, it is known that the celebrities who confirmIn this list they will leave aside their professions as singers, actors and actresses to bring to light their cooking skills and conquer the palates of the jury, and here we present who they are and without a doubt you will begin to have your darlings from now on:

Alicia Machado: Considered one of the darlings of Spanish-speaking TV, the former Miss Universe of 1996 returns once again to a cooking reality show after her time on MasterChef Celebrity Mexicoand now he plans to keep one more crown and conquer everyone with his cooking skills.

José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’: One of the great voices of ballads in Spanish has decided to leave the stage to demonstrate another of his talents as a cook, since the Venezuelan singer wants to surprise everyone with his good gastronomic taste.

Patricia Christmas: Although her last years have been the most controversial of her career, the 50-year-old Mexican actress also left the kitchen of her country of origin to join this Telemundo project in which she plans to gain recognition and the final prize of 200 thousand dollars.

Mark Tacher: The 46-year-old heartthrob of Mexican soap operas has always shared his love for cooking, which is why he is now part of this third season of the most popular reality show on the Telemundo network.

Rosie Rivera: In the midst of the legal battle they have with her nephews, the controversial sister of the deceased Jenni Rivera arrives in the kitchen of Top Chef VIP 2024 and shows one of the little-known facets of her life, since she has shared that she is a lover of food. cooking and culinary arts.

Danka and Daniela Castro: Mother and daughter not only share their passion for acting but also their love for gastronomy, because now they will share the experience within Top Chef VIP 2024, but they will also be rivals to see who of the two makes it to the last week of this fabulous adventure and how good cooks they consider themselves to be.

Without a doubt, the stoves of the most popular kitchen in the Spanish speaking television They have already been turned on, because this elite cast also includes many other faces of the entertainment industry and great faces of social networks such as: Jason Romo, Víctor Florencio, ‘El Niño Prodigio’, David Salomón, Diana Reyes, Mariana Botas, Ivanna Jiménez, Natalia Juárez, Pancho Uresti, Gary Centeno, Carolina Tejera, Alejandro López, Polo Morín and José María Galeano, They are the celebrities who complete this generation full of glamor and elite.


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