Tremendous scare!  Anuel and Yailin had a plane crash

Tremendous scare! Anuel and Yailin had a plane crash

The scare of their lives took Anuel and Yailin, who is expecting a girl, when the plane in which they were traveling suffered a mechanical failure, for which they had a spectacular landing and although the situation could be controlled, the couple did not stop thanking Thank God for staying alive.

“Thank God we are alive! It seems that death was hanging around today, but my God is stronger. At takeoff I declared in the name of Jesus to land safe and sound as always, without knowing what awaited us. And so it was. Amen,” wrote the interpreter of «If I die» in a photograph of his private plane.

According to People en Español, the Puerto Rican traveled to Monterrey, Mexico, to offer a concert as part of the Coca-Cola Flow Fest, when the incident occurred.

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Photo: IG @anuel

Emergency landing

Anuel showed the damage suffered by the plane and the broken glass, product of the spectacular situation. For her part, Yailin thanked God for not leaving her at any time and shared a video in which the couple’s private jet can be seen landing on the airport runway but at great speed, while in another clip they can be seen the command controls of the ship: “Thank you dad God for giving us another chance,” he wrote about it.

“So much that he talks that he is not afraid of death and real until death and death everywhere, I think it is time that he begins to value life. Those scares are not good for a pregnant woman. There she does believe in God, but she still serves him, she is the devil. In these cases is when the atheist believes in God. I can’t imagine the poor pilot everything that went through his mind,” they commented in a video.

As will be remembered, the couple of singers got married in June of this year, ruling out any rumors of a possible breakup, as it came to be discussed. Now the relationship is stronger than ever after the announcement of her pregnancy on November 21.

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Photo: IG @anuel
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