Victoria Ruffo responds to Alessandra Rosaldo’s request to Eugenio Derbez about not naming her again – El Diario NY

Victoria Ruffo responds to Alessandra Rosaldo’s request to Eugenio Derbez about not naming her again – El Diario NY

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In a recent interview, Victoria Ruffo said that she was a little amused to learn that Alessandra Rosaldo would have gotten angry when Eugenio Derbez mentioned her name and that from her perception it might even seem funny that someone could be jealous of her after so many years and he doesn’t understand why this whole issue bothers him.

Ruffo also mentioned that he has no problem with Derbez and that he wishes him the best in his personal and professional life. Despite the rumors and tensions of the past, The actress assured that she has no resentment towards her ex-partner and that she has left everything behind.

“I don’t think so, honestly. I consider Alessandra very intelligent, very hardworking, very good mother, very confident“He added to the press.

Regarding his relationship with Alessandra, José Eduardo Derbez’s mother said that she has no problem with her and that she respects her marriage with Eugenio. The actress stated that she has no intention of causing problems and that she just wants to move forward with her life and her career.

Victoria broke the silence and made it clear that she has no problem. The actress proved to be a mature person full of good wishes for everyone involved in this situation.

Alessandra Rosaldo calls Eugenio Derbez’s attention

The singer and actress Alessandra Rosaldo prohibited her husband, actor Eugenio Derbez, from speaking publicly about his ex-wife Victoria again. She expressed her discomfort at the comments her partner has made about Ruffo in various interviews, and asked him to respect her privacy and her past.

“I don’t want to talk about that topic anymore because he already scolded me and rightly so, he told me ‘stop talking about that… about your past’ and I promised him, so for that reason, It’s better not to say anymore… because if not it costs me the marriage“He mentioned to the media.

Rosaldo believes that talking about Ruffo publicly only generates controversy and fuels unnecessary rumors, and prefers to stay away from any controversy related to her husband and her ex. Derbez has accepted Rosaldo’s request and promised not to mention Victoria in public again.

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