VIDEO: Carambola in Colombia leaves 33 injured and eight dead, including a 10-month-old baby

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Colombia experienced a tragic accident in the Los Venados tunnel, which connects the municipalities of Quindío and Cajamarca, where a tractor-truck, speeding and with faulty brakes, destroyed 17 vehicles, leaving eight dead.

Initially it was indicated that the cause was a failure in the brakes of the heavy unit and that due to the weight it took great speed and destroyed everything in its path. Even, the driver stated that he tried to control the vehicle and did everything in his power to avoid affecting others.

But nevertheless, The Police indicated that the high speed with which the truck traveled would have a lot to do with the fatal incident last Tuesday, which is why the possible responsibility of the driver is being investigated..

Meanwhile, the authorities confirmed that eight people died and 33 people are injured (27 hospitalized due to the collision of 17 vehicles. Among the dead, they identified that five people are from the same family and mention that a 6-year-old child and a 10-month-old baby perished.

Meanwhile, Major General Juan Alberto Libreros Morales, Director of Transit and Transportation of the National Police, confirmed that the accident was due to brake failure, but two possible human errors were found, as mentioned to Caracol TV.

The first, skipping a stop to go at high speed. “One kilometer from the first tunnel there was a control post of the Directorate of Traffic and Transportation, who, upon noticing the excess speed in which the vehicle was moving, tried to stop it, making it stop the march; however, the policemen were almost run over by it ”.

The second, failure in the vehicle. “It was possible to establish that some of its axles were poorly calibrated with respect to others, reducing the efficiency of the braking system in a tractor-trailer vehicle by 40%,” he said.

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