VIDEO: Couple took their baby to Coachella and made headlines online

VIDEO: Couple took their baby to Coachella and made headlines online

A couple shared on social networks that they attended the Coachella 2024 Festival, in the company of their 11-month-old baby, however, Internet users did not see it well for having taken the minor to an environment like that.

Maddie Bannister, the baby’s mother, was in charge of sharing the experience through her TikTok account, a situation that generated more controversy than tenderness for Internet users.

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This after they highlighted that Coachella is one of the festivals that brings together thousands of attendees year after year, in Indio, California.

The woman added that this happened because she works in a company dedicated to the production of festivals and her last proposal was to work for Coachella.

She added that she became a mother 11 months ago, but mentioned that her motherhood would not be an impediment to not enjoying the company of her partner and baby.

The mother stated that her daughter is becoming a lover of concerts and festivals, since Coachella is not the first one she has attended.

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“He saw Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Tool when he was a few months old. We took her to see Phish and some festivals in our hometown. “Definitely, she has had her fair share of concert days,” she declared in an interview with People.

Maddie shared that it wasn’t easy to take a baby to a festival, because you don’t want to lose sight of them or have them take risks, but at the same time you want them to have fun and move freely.

After the publication she made on TikTok, the opinion of Internet users was divided, as there were some who congratulated her for being a good mother despite being at the festival and others criticized her for exposing the little girl at a massive event like Coachella.

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“I don’t understand why people insist on bringing babies to adult events. Hire a babysitter,” is one of the comments they left.


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