VIDEO: Eiza González is criticized on social networks for allegedly changing her accent in an interview – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Eiza González is criticized on social networks for allegedly changing her accent in an interview – El Diario NY

Eiza Gonzalez has once again placed himself in the “eye of the hurricane” following a recent interview he gave as part of the promotion of his new series of Netflix “3 Body Problems”. In this talk, the Mexican was questioned about various aspects of Argentina, the country to which the segment was directed, where she mentioned her favorite places in the South American country, the foods she appreciates most as well as the experiences she recommends to others.

However, and after the interview was revealed on various social networks, a large number of users began to point out that the Mexican had noticeably changed her accent during the conversation.

And according to various people, the interpreter of “Alita: Battle Angel” “it sounded like Spanish.” Others, meanwhile, commented that the actress actually tried to sound like an Argentinian due to the nature of the questions.

Eiza González is criticized again for her statements

In addition to the previous statements, other users mentioned that Eiza Gonzalezcompared to other Latin stars like Salma Hayekhas changed his accent significantly to “fit in” in Hollywood.

Despite the diversity of criticism, another large group of people commented that the change in accent Gonzalez It is due to the linguistic adaptation that he has had to undergo after moving to the United States years ago.

Eiza González posing.
Eiza González was seen next to the English model Guy Binns.
Credit: Mezcalo

It is worth mentioning that just a week ago, the model was also severely criticized following an interview she gave to the media. InStyle where he mentioned that he had lost a large number of papers in hollywood because she was “too pretty.”

After the large number of accusations, the interpreter of “Baby Driver“She clarified the controversy through her social networks, pointing out that what she was referring to was that in the various castings in which she participated, where an actress with “Latin features” was sought, she was considered different from what the actors were looking for. producers.

Eiza González posing.

Eiza González in search of love

After the Mexican’s clarification, various international media revealed that the actress was seen having dinner next to the English model. Guy Binns. Later, it was reported that both celebrities walked together to the interpreter’s hotel.

Although this information has not been denied or affirmed by those involved, it is worth remembering that the actress was linked in previous months to the actor. Mario Casas. However, and after the recent news, everything seems to indicate that the Mexican left behind her brief romance with the Spaniard.

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