VIDEO: Family goes viral after celebrating birthday on a pedestrian bridge

VIDEO: Family goes viral after celebrating birthday on a pedestrian bridge

A family It went viral after they celebrated the birthday of a person on a bridge pedestrian in the state of Guadalajara.

Witnesses captured the moment in which a family decided to celebrate the birthday of one of its members on a pedestrian bridge located in the state of Guadalajara, which caused them to go viral on social networks.

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According to what was reported by local media, the events occurred on one of the bridges that is placed at the height of the ring road in the Bethel neighborhood; The party could be perceived from the street where the cars passed by.

In the recordings that were broadcast on the Internet, it was possible to observe how they placed various balloons on the railings of the bridge, in addition to putting up a long table, chairs, tablecloths and more decorations.

The family members gathered at this place to share this moment with all their loved ones where they enjoyed food and various drinks while listening to music and laughing.

This party unleashed a series of comments on networks where they managed to steal the attention of users, who did not hesitate to leave their opinion regarding this very peculiar celebration.


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Some of these were the following:

“Well, if people don’t use them to cross, then it’s fine for parties, right?”

“They already said it: surreal Mexico.”

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“It even makes you want to go through there.”

“What an aesterik.”

“Why don’t you invite them?”

The clip quickly went viral, accumulating more than 36 thousand views.


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