VIDEO: Nurses caught protecting babies during the earthquake in Taiwan – 24 Hours

VIDEO: Nurses caught protecting babies during the earthquake in Taiwan – 24 Hours

A clip circulates on social networks that captured the laudable gesture who had a group of nurses after protect with his life to some you drink during the earthquake in Taiwan.

This Tuesday (April 3 at 7:58 local time) a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan, also causing damage to dozens of buildings and tsunami warnings on the coast of East Asia, finally discarded, and, at least, nine dead and more than a thousand injured in Taiwan.

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Given the phenomenon, Taiwanese authorities indicated that the earthquake and its aftershocks were the most intense on this island in 25 years, and warned that more tremors may occur in the coming days.

“Professional ethics in all its splendor”: Nurses protect babies

Different videos have circulated on social networks that have captured people in buildings, avenues or a group of people who are on the top of a mountain, etc., when a tremor or earthquake begins.

However, we have also observed nurses who have put their lives at risk in order to save patients.

In the 31-second clip that was recorded thanks to the security cameras, you can see how three nurses wearing a pink uniform begin to group about 12 babies from the nurseries in the center of the room where they were, so that they could rest. Do not move from one side to the other while the earthquake lasts.

Likewise, you can see how in a matter of seconds, another nurse runs into the room to help her colleagues to prevent the pediatric stretchers from tipping over with the children inside or from being hit by objects.

As expected, the clip quickly went viral, as Internet users recognized the professionalism of the nurses who, instead of evacuating the place, decided to protect the babies who were in that area, regardless of whether their lives were in danger.

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“Bravo for those nurses who earn their salary”

“What a beautiful act of humanity”

“Great for them, fulfilling their professional oath”

“That is quality healthcare, others would have gotten away with it”

“Nurses have always been the balm for those in need of medical care.”


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