We played Rise of the Ronin and this is what we loved

We played Rise of the Ronin and this is what we loved

Rise of the Ronin is the latest exclusive game from PlayStation 5 that has impressed us with its genre-focused gameplay soul and narrative inspired by the era of feudal Japan. This is why we will share our impressions with you.

What is it about Rise of the Ronin?

Rise Of The RoninRise Of The Ronin

Rise of the Ronindeveloped by the talented team at Team NinjaWith Koei Tecmo, emerges as a frenetic experience of adventure and action. This title envelops us in the atmosphere of Japan in 1863, a critical time in the country’s history, now under the shadow of the expansion of the American army. In the midst of an era defined by tension and forced cultural exchange, the last vestiges of a Japan governed by the code of bushido, the era of the samurai, are threatened by the waves of change and the advance of modernity.

The plot stars ronin, a lordless samurai, who finds himself at the heart of this tumultuous period. Stripped of the ties that traditionally linked a samurai to his clan and his daimyo, this ronin takes on a personal crusade against the forces of colonization. His mission is not only a fight for the survival of his own identity and way of life, but also a desperate effort to preserve the essence of his nation in the face of the threat of being absorbed by foreign powers.

A frenetic gameplay

Rise Of The RoninRise Of The Ronin

Rise of the Ronin It is distinguished by exciting and fast-paced gameplay, an emblematic feature of the developments of Team Ninja. The game significantly rewards those players who take the time to master the intricacies of its mechanics, offering the ability to block any attack through the precise execution of a parry.

As players delve deeper into the game, they will find the opportunity to learn and adopt new combat stances. These stances experience gameplay by allowing access to new combos and also introduce an additional strategic layer that adapts to different types of play. Depending on the situation, players will be able to opt for attacks that, although slower, deal considerably more damage, or faster ones that sacrifice power for speed.

Rise Of The Ronin 2Rise Of The Ronin 2

Besides, Rise of the Ronin It incorporates a crafting dynamic deeply integrated into the game’s exploration. Players are encouraged to meticulously examine every corner of the scenarios they pass through, in search of items of inestimable value. From ammunition to life-regenerating items, each find contributes to preparation for the challenges to come.

Exploration is another central pillar of the game, allowing players to immerse themselves in the vast world around them at any time. This world is not only filled with beauty and secrets to discover, but also offers the possibility of accumulating honor. This resource, essential for the character’s progress, can be collected and used in the bonfires scattered throughout the game world. By doing so, players can redeem it for crucial skill points to improve a variety of stats and abilities, thus refining their playstyle and preparing for future challenges.

An amazing artistic section that stands out over the graphic section

Rise Of The Ronin 3Rise Of The Ronin 3

Rise of the Roninthe most recent work of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmopresents us with a scenario in which, despite having three graphic configurations designed to optimize resolution, fluidity at 60 fps, or the activation of the ray tracing, the differentiation between these options seems to be non-existent. Therefore, we recommend selecting the 60 fps option.

The impression left by the graphics engine, apparently outdated by the current standards of the new generation of consoles, could be considered a point against in terms of visual innovation. However, this aspect remains in the background thanks to the studio’s masterful artistic execution. Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo They have managed to compensate for any possible technical shortcomings with outstanding artistic work, creating environments that breathe life.

Upon diving into the game, players encounter a pulsating Japan, filled with spectacular grasslands and landscapes that not only capture the country’s natural beauty, but also highlight the importance of top-notch artistic design. It is here where Rise of the Ronin truly sets itself apart, demonstrating that a game’s visual impact depends not exclusively on its graphical technology, but also on its creators’ ability to evoke emotions and build worlds with rich artistic depth.

should you play Rise of the Ronin?

Rise Of The RoninRise Of The Ronin

Rise of the Ronin It is presented as a deeply immersive work, which spans about 40 to 50 hours of gameplay. Despite the technical limitations inherent to a graphics engine that could be considered outdated for the expectations of the current generation of consoles, the game stands out thanks to its exceptional artistic design.

The studio’s ability to create a vibrant, lively Japan, with landscapes and atmospheres that transport the player to an evocative and emotionally resonant world, is where it really shines. Rise of the Ronin.

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