We remember Leslie Nielsen 12 years after his death

We remember Leslie Nielsen 12 years after his death

12 years ago, one of the most iconic comedy actors in cinema left this plane. Leslie Nielsen passed away on November 28, 2010 at the age of 84 and left an extensive filmography to remember him and, above all, to laugh at him.

The son of a Danish father and an English mother, Leslie was born in Regina, Canada, on February 11, 1926. Behind his apparent good humor lies a difficult past: as a child he developed rickets, which left him with bowed legs and a very peculiar to walk; In addition, his father was very violent and only saved himself a beating if he made him laugh, so from an early age he was characterized by humor.

He became interested in the seventh art thanks to a strong influence from an uncle who was a silent film actor and in an act of determination he asked for the queue with his eyes fixed on Hollywood. Things didn’t go well, so he returned to his native Canada, but he couldn’t contain his desire to shine on the big screen, so he returned to the movie mecca, this time to succeed.

The rest is history. The most absurd humor had its king with Nielsen, who left behind 45 films, some part of popular culture such as “And where is the policeman?” and “Scary Movie.”

Review with Chévere these and other tapes in which Leslie Nielsen shone to celebrate her passage through what was her great passion.

“Forbidden Planet”, 1956

Adaptation of “The Tempest”, a play by William Shakespeare dating from 1611. In this film, Nielsen shared a recording set with Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis, who moved to the space age.

According to ABC, the tape takes us to the year 2200 to go on an expedition to the planet Altair-4, with the intention of investigating what happened to a space colony that was not heard from and that was sent there 20 years earlier. . When the field team arrives at the place, they meet a strange character named Doctor Morbius, his beautiful daughter, and a curious robot.

The film got an Oscar nomination for best special effects and was applauded by critics. “A witty script, excellent special effects and cinematography, and superb performances make this an acclaimed triumph,” said Time Out’s Geoff Andrew; while Bosley Crowther of The New York Times noted that the tape was “a wonderful trip to outer space (…) if you have a taste for crazy humor, you will also have a lot of fun.”

“The Day of the Animals”, 1977

This horror film starred Christopher George and Leslie Nielsen as the evil Paul Jenson. They give life to a story that sought to reflect how the actions of humans affect the planet.

One day, some hikers decide to take a route to enjoy the outdoors and spot wild animals, which usually flee when they feel the presence of men; However, everything gets out of control when the walkers end up under attack by the beasts.

In the film, the animals were victims of a mutation resulting from the hole in the ozone layer, so the film is not just terror, but a reflection of the environmental problem to which the planet is exposed due to man.

“And where is the pilot?”, 1980

This is a masterpiece of absurd comedy from the 80s that parodies the movies about plane crashes that were released the previous decade.

Due to food poisoning, all the passengers and the tribulation of a flight deal with discomfort and the urge to go to the bathroom, so Ted Striker, a former fighter pilot and alcoholic must manage to land the plane.

It will not be an easy task, because in addition to his trauma and his addiction, he will have to overcome bad weather, the nerves of the crew, the inconvenience of strange passengers and, by the way, his ex-girlfriend.

Along with Leslie, we will see in “And where is the pilot” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Peter Graves, Julie Hagerty and Jonathan Baks.

“And where is the policeman?”, 1988

Another absurd film gem with Leslie Nielsen in the role of Frank Drebin, an incompetent police lieutenant who wants to avenge the death of a colleague.

Frank got into it between eyebrows and eyebrows to find the head of the drug trafficking organization that died at the hands of drug traffickers. In the middle of the search for him, he finds a suspect, the shipping businessman named Vincent Ludwig, but he has no evidence to put him behind bars.

That is why he undertakes a crusade to find the culprit, having the support of Jane Spencer, Ludwig’s ex-girlfriend, who also wants to see the criminal behind bars.

“Scary Movie 3”, 2004

Reporter Cindy Campbell begins to make discoveries beyond the bizarre: aliens are about to invade Earth, as suggested by circular messages in crop fields; Devilish and strange children begin to appear; and viewers of a movie die within days of seeing it.

All of this is faced by Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Leslie Nielsen, Queen Latifah, Pamela Anderson, Anthony Anderson, Simon Rex, George Carlin, Eddie Griffin, Denise Richards, Camryn Manheim and Charlie Sheen, who will star in the most outrageous stories of the saga. “Scary Movie”.

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