Niurka Marcos on Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy: “He has cuckolded her 50 million” – El Diario NY

Niurka Marcos on Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy: “He has cuckolded her 50 million” – El Diario NY

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The situation between Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy continues to be a topic of conversation and the media did not question asking Niurka Marcos her opinion of what has happened between the couple who were together for 20 years and had two children.

Hey, William has always cheated on him, I don’t know what’s newWhat grabbed her inside his house? Well, he said it himself or demonstrated it in the video: his wife and daughter outside and his lover inside. That is what represents him, the image says more than a thousand words,” he began by saying in front of the media.

The star continued saying, while emphasizing that everything that happened was in part because Elizabeth would have allowed it: “She has endured a lot because she wanted to, because no one has forced her.“No one has forced her and she who can, furthermore, has every right to endure if she wants, but now don’t complain about what you’ve been putting up with for a chin… for years, it seems too limp to me, what a shame!”

“It’s horrible (that they involve their children). When I left Juan (Osorio), my son Kiko, he looked at me and said ‘mom, what are we going to live on?’. Because I never told my son that the biggest bill that came into the house was from my career, from my dates, and you know that I answered him ‘from mom’s work, just give me the opportunity to show you that I am also strong and powerful and that I am going to work hard to move them forward.’ I didn’t poison his soul, but I told him a reality, ‘to work, daddy’, because he believed that Juan supported us.“, he did not hesitate to mention.

Niurka Marcos could not contain herself. For this reason, he spoke about the financial issue, although he mentioned that it is not his concern: “I don’t know if he maintains it, nor do I care, what is public, open information that we can all talk about because it is everywhere is that He has put 50 million horns on her and she is there.”

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