What are the rights and benefits that the H-2B VISA gives you in the US?

What are the rights and benefits that the H-2B VISA gives you in the US?

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One of the documents most important to be able to enter the USA is the American visabut we must remember that there are different types of visa according to the activity that we are going to carry out within the North American country, as it can be directed towards tourism, work, education, medical treatments, among others, so today we will talk to you about the visa H-2Bwhich is dedicated to workers.

With this type of visa, the United States government grants permission to companies to hire foreign specifically in temporary non-agricultural jobs, That is, you can work in areas of cleaning, gardening, construction, as a waiter, worker, forestry worker, among others.

Likewise, this program is aimed at people who have or do not have experience, in addition to the fact that one of the great benefits is that no academic level or professional title is required and in exchange, you will be able to receive rights What you should know, according to the Department of Labor.


These are the rights you have as a migrant worker


One of the benefits you have as a migrant worker in the United States is that your employer should be required to provide you transport back to your country of origin in case they dismiss you before the authorized time of what your stay indicates, so they have to take charge.

decent housing

If you have this type of visa you cannot be forced to live in a living place That your employer appoints you and you must not make a profit with any income, so the place where you live must be in good condition and safe because the only thing they ask of you is that you have your own bed.


Social Security

Another of your rights is social security pension, which you can obtain after having earned 40 credits, which are based on your earnings and you have a maximum of four credits per year, that is, you must work for at least 10 years and have said visa and the benefits could be obtained from the 62 years old.

Salary above the minimum

It is important to highlight that each of the states of the North American country has its own minimum salary, so you should consult it according to where you are, as well as the company that hired you, since your salary has to be higher than the minimum during the entire period in which you work.


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