What can I do if I missed my American VISA interview appointment?

What can I do if I missed my American VISA interview appointment?

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He Procedure of visa american It is one of the busiest around the world, in Mexico the procedure is carried out frequently, therefore, the most common thing is to have to wait long periods of time, even more than 1 year to be able to schedule the much-feared appointment with the consular agent, many people get nervous when thinking about this phase of the procedure because it is the decisive moment in which the applicant will know if their procedure is approved or not.

Therefore, the importance of going to the Procedure of visa american. It is understood that sometimes emergencies or unforeseen events arise that may complicate the applicant’s attendance at the interview with the consular agent, therefore, the system in which the registration of the application for the Procedure It shows several available dates among which the applicant can choose the one that best suits them to be able to attend without any problem.

The point is that, currently in Mexico, the extension between the request and the interview can be more than a year in which we are not certain of what may happen, for example, the state of health in which the person who requires to carry out the Procedure can be found within a year. If you are in this situation, we will share with you what you should do if you cannot attend your interview.

This is what you should do if you do not attend your American visa interview process.

Missing your appointment visa american can cause great concern because the fate of the ProcedureAccording to what is stipulated by the United States immigration authorities, communication between the interested party and the entity that will issue the visa is very important. In the event that due to force majeure you cannot appear for the procedure, you should be aware that your procedure could be delayed.

If you know in advance that it will be impossible for you to attend your appointment with the consular agent, it is best to contact the immigration authorities to notify them of the unforeseen event as soon as possible, since it will be taken into account if there is an emergency situation. or if it is an exceptional case and it is likely that an agreement can be reached with the authorities.

In the event that it is a medical emergency or an illness situation, you should keep all the medical records you can to show them as evidence of your particular case, in case the immigration authorities of state Joined take this into account, it is likely that they will be able to grant you a new appointment to carry out your interview for the application process. visa american.

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