What does it mean to be DENIED an American VISA under section 214 (b)?

What does it mean to be DENIED an American VISA under section 214 (b)?

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If you are planning a trip to USA You need to consider that upon arriving in the United States you will need to present your American visathis accreditation is the document that will be requested by the immigration authorities and will allow you to remain in the country completely legally for the period that has been granted to you according to the type of visa that you have processed.

Many people question their desire to travel to USA because getting the American visa It is not always a simple process, especially because due to the demand that exists in Mexico for this document, the waiting time to obtain it for now is more than a year. However, as a Mexican citizen it is a requirement that you must meet to be able to enter the country.

Another aspect of Procedure What worries applicants and generates nervousness in general is the interview with the immigration authorities of USAbecause this step of the procedure is the decisive moment in which the interested party will know if their effort, their investment and the time they had to wait were worth it. The interview is very brief and at the time of completion

What does it mean if your visa application is denied under section 214(b)?

The refusal of Procedure of one American visa It may be due to several reasons, including that the consular officer considers not having the necessary information to decide if the applicant is a candidate to obtain the visaif the consular agent decides that the interested party does not meet the necessary requirements according to the type of visa that he intends to process, in other more serious cases it may be considered that the information provided by the person carrying out the visa Procedure involves a violation of the law.

The specific reasons that may cause the tourist visa to be denied are related in some way to these criteria, generally the American visa tourist can be denied due to; that the applicant does not meet the specific requirements to obtain the type of visa they are interested in obtaining, that their answers or the information they shared do not indicate roots in the country or the intention to make a merely temporary trip.

The second reason is one of the most frequent for the tourist visa to be denied, consular officers will look for reasons and information that helps them ensure that the trip is temporary and the person processing the visa does not intend to stay in the country. country for longer than the visa allows or even if you want to settle in USA Permanently.

In case you visa be denied under the section 214(b) The decision will be final, however, after a period of approximately 6 months you may be able to carry out the process from the beginning. Remember that the interview with the consular officer is completely personalized and the agent will base it on your documents and the DS-160 form that you filled out at the time of beginning the process. Stick to this information and be truthful at all times.

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