What does Joana Benedek, villain of Amigas y Rivales, do and how does she see herself in 2024?

What does Joana Benedek, villain of Amigas y Rivales, do and how does she see herself in 2024?



Throughout the history of the mexican televisiona large number of actresses and actors have paraded who have undoubtedly won the hearts of the public thanks to their professionalism, and that is the case of Joana Benedekwho also captivated with her beauty and sensuality, but after staying away from the TV soapsbelow we will tell you what the company does star born in Romania and how it looks this 2024.

It is worth mentioning that the blonde captivated everyone with her sensual style which also led her to be one of the most hated and loved villains in Mexican melodramas, since her talent was captured in some productions such as ‘Friends and rivals‘ (2001), ‘Destilando amor’ (2007) and ‘Two homes’ (2012), the latter being the one that marked the end of his career despite being at the peak of success with widespread popularity.

And overnight, the actress did not appear again in any production nor melodrama, so through social networks and the press they began to create a series of rumors around his sudden withdrawaland she herself has spoken about it, as she claims that she felt the need to direct her life, since she retired to create spiritual contentdo yoga, meditation and even be a speaker:

“I felt the need in 2012 to retire. It’s not a coincidence, it’s a coincidence, because everything has a reason, to withdraw, to get angry, to leave. I left for a few years, I was in Europe, in Italy, in Romania, in Spain. I studied everything you can imagine. I don’t know how many initiations into universal energy through chakras, angelic reiki and communication with the quantum double I had,” she said in a show program.

Does Joana Benedek want to return to acting?

And it is that the blonde of today 53 years old has found in the spiritual path a new lifestyle that has kept her happy and stable in every way throughout these 12 years who has stayed away from TV forums, since to date she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge within the world of television with the world. meditation and spiritualityas he ensures that his goal is to share what he has learned and help others find their own path to happiness and fulfillment. general well-being.

Photo: IG / joana_benedek

What is a fact is that her beauty has remained injected after the last TV production in which she was seen as one of the most beloved villains of the TV soapssince he ensures that his withdrawal from the performance It is not something definitive since since 2018 it has been planning a project of which he has not given great details, but this could mark his triumphant return within the mexican melodramas that catapulted her to world fame.


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